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12 Best Salesforce AppExchange Applications for Professional Services
strike like lightning

12 Best Salesforce AppExchange Applications for Professional Services

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Professional services encompass a wide range of vastly different businesses. While your business may specialise in the arts, legal, accounting, science, or anything in between, the important fact is that it does specialise. For this reason, your business’s needs and requirements are also going to be highly specialised, particularly when it comes to setting up a CRM.

While out-of-the-box Salesforce might fulfil most of your requirements, there will be instances in which third-party applications can streamline things for you and enhance the value of your Salesforce Org. The applications mentioned on this list all serve unique purposes, with a view to making your CRM work better for you by setting up comprehensive workflows that save your specialist team hours of wasted admin time.

Some key features of these applications are:

  • Connecting your email accounts to Salesforce
  • End-to-end specialist project management
  • Promoting and delivering training programmes
  • Effectively assigning the right team members to the right jobs

With the help of these professional services Salesforce applications, your business can improve its day-to-day processes, engage in a more meaningful way with leads and customers, and drastically increase its ability to scale profitably.


ActiveCampaign helps you personalise each of your potential client’s experiences, getting them more engaged with your business and your product, and maximising the chance of conversion. Create personalised email and SMS marketing campaigns, and automatically add new leads into the chain at the right point, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of their minds after first contact. The personal connections made possible by ActiveCampaign are fully scalable, making them suitable for larger businesses as well as smaller businesses looking to grow their client base. As ActiveCampaign syncs directly with your Salesforce Org, you can track leads and engagement from the dashboard your team are familiar with.

How can ActiveCampaign benefit your business?

  • Segment leads and contacts based on marketing needs
  • Set up unique goals for each customer and customer group
  • Automatically add leads into email automation flows
  • Automatic follow-up emails
  • Pre-built automation for email flows
  • Personalise the sale experience for each potential client using Opportunity information
  • Insights and analytics to help you find out what content converts
  • Automated SMS messaging workflows
  • Build custom forms and fields within Salesforce
  • Sync leads and account information across ActiveCampaign and Salesforce
  • Track client interaction with your marketing materials, from link clicks to email opens, and use this data to further qualify leads and trigger sales rep tasks
  • Send leads to the right sales rep automatically
  • Add leads and contacts to Facebook custom audiences when running social media adverts
  • Automated lead scoring


Prices for ActiveCampaign start at $9 USD per company per month for the standard plan. Salesforce integration is available on the Professional Plan and above.

Find out more about Active Campaign on LinkedIn and the Active Campaign website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Mission Control

Mission Control is a complete project management tool that handles every aspect of a project lifecycle, from onboarding to invoicing and payments. Features such as Kanban whiteboards, Gantt charts, timesheets, and the resource calendar help you keep track of the value of each of your business’s assets, and ensure that every one of your projects is running smoothly. With Mission Control, you can assess how each of your projects is performing, learn from the insights, and ensure you are maximising return. To make things even easier, as a native Salesforce application, Mission Control works straight out of the box.

How can Mission Control benefit your business?

  • Automatically generate project templates
  • Gantt charts for project timelines with drag and drop feature
  • Kanban whiteboards keep the whole team up-to-date on project status and tasks
  • Colleagues can collaborate via Salesforce Chatter
  • Billing, cost, and revenue tracking systems
  • Generate PDF invoices and credit notes
  • Reminder notifications for assignments and tasks
  • Checklist workflows and to-do lists
  • Set up recurring milestones and tasks for multiple projects
  • Schedule resource availability on your calendar
  • Track staff hours, meetings, agendas, and holidays
  • Risk assessment
  • Look back on past projects and set goals for the future
  • Access to an excellent support team


Prices start at $39 AUD per user per month, with a 5 user minimum. A 14-day free trial is available for new customers.

Find out more about Mission Control on LinkedIn and the Aprika website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Revenue Inbox

Revenue Inbox syncs your Salesforce Lightning Scheduler with your Outlook or Gmail inbox, removing the risk of conflicting appointments and saving each of your sales reps about 10 hours per week of unnecessary email searching and record updating. All contact and project information can be viewed alongside your emails as they come in, so you can keep the system easily up-to-date while conversing with clients and leads. Revenue Inbox allows you to customise which attachments and what data is imported into Salesforce, schedule follow-ups and meetings, and ultimately ensure that everyone in the team is kept in the loop with the information they may need regarding project status and availability.

How can Revenue Inbox benefit your business?

  • Integrate your Outlook inbox with Salesforce
  • Sync Salesforce and Outlook calendars, to eliminate conflicting appointments
  • Automatically capture emails, calendar events, and attachments in Salesforce and create new records
  • Generate ‘Book Me’ links for clients to book time slots within your calendar, and send in an email
  • Edit and create records from the Revenue Inbox email sidebar
  • Connect to Gmail
  • Customisable synchronisation rules for all calendars, to keep private events private


Prices start at $10 USD per user per month, with volume discounts available.

Find out more about Revenue Inbox on LinkedIn and the Revenue Grid website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Prolifiq CRUSH

With Prolifiq CRUSH, your business can get ahead of your competition with a refined account-based selling strategy. Assess the performance of your teams at every stage to reveal opportunities to improve the value of a sale and the weaknesses that are preventing maximum growth. Prolifiq helps your team engage in a more meaningful way with your customers, putting forward those team members that are most likely to connect and suggesting the most suitable cross-sell products, and improving the overall performance of the team and the company.

How can Prolifiq CRUSH benefit your business?

  • Relationship maps reveal key contacts and highlight which reps will help close the deal
  • Influence charts identify the best performers and educate those falling behind
  • Cross-selling tools highlight opportunities for greater value
  • Task workflows encourage collaboration, assign responsibility, and put an emphasis on strategy
  • SWOT analysis highlights shortcomings and weaknesses, as well as strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Create key account plans
  • Real-time updates for all team members
  • Enhance collaboration between stakeholders to better design key account strategy


Prices start at $10 USD per user per month, with volume discounts available.

Find out more about Prolifiq CRUSH on LinkedIn and the Prolifiq website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


Build fully customised on-brand forms for your website with Typeform. Capture all kinds of data from your customers, from fun quizzes and market research to support tickets and feedback, and input the resulting data straight into your Salesforce Org, alongside their account details. Typeform aims to help you create a more interactive, approachable company ethos, building a better relationship with your customers and encouraging them, and new leads, to get in touch. Typeform has been proven to increase the intake of fresh leads by giving businesses more control in shaping customer interaction and personalising buying journeys.

How can Typeform benefit your business?

  • Customise forms for capturing lead data, feedback, surveys, registration details, quizzes, market research, and support tickets, with themes, fonts, and colours to match your brand
  • Build your own Welcome Screen to help customers navigate your forms
  • Design each question individually, to make the form as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible; question types include multiple-choice, picture-choice, rating scales, email, website, file upload, and paragraph text
  • Embed forms into your website as full-page embeds or pop-ups
  • Create chatbot-style form interfaces for website visitors
  • Share links to your forms anywhere online or in customer correspondence
  • Segment your audience and tailor their question paths based on their answers using Logic Jumps
  • End your form with a customisable Thank You screen


Pricing for Typeform starts at $99 USD per user per month. Salesforce integration is available with the Business plan and above.

Find out more about Typeform on LinkedIn and the Typeform website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Arlo Training Management Software

Handle all aspects of your training programmes and/or courses from within Salesforce using Arlo. Build personalised marketing campaigns for your targeted audience groups, accept registrations straight into your Salesforce Org, and manage the delivery of course lessons from your CRM, whether they are delivered in-person, as pre-recorded online resources, or live webinars. Measure the engagement of each event, the number of sign-ups, and track the progress of participants, so you know when to motivate registrants and/or improve course content.

How can Arlo benefit your business?

  • Promote, sell, and deliver face-to-face, online, or blended learning
  • Lead and campaign management for course marketing
  • Divide target audience into segments and market accordingly
  • Promote your courses live on your website using web integration tools
  • Automatic course registration confirmation and reminders sent to participants
  • Include quizzes, SCORM objects, forums, videos, etc within your training courses
  • Live reports on all training participants, including last access dates, progress, payments, and grades
  • Schedule recurring classes and events with easy templates
  • Customisable registration portals and forms
  • Accept payments with Stripe, PayPal, Payment Express, and more
  • Integrate with Zoom or GoToWebinar for live online training sessions
  • Keep all contacts, accounts, registrations, opportunities, and scheduled events up-to-date within Salesforce
  • Integrate with Moodle LMS for a complete learning management solution
  • Improve training offerings with feedback surveys


Arlo Training Management Software is free to download. Licences for Arlo Training & Event Management Software start at $99 USD per month plus additional usage fees.

Find out more about Arlo on LinkedIn and the Arlo website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Engageware Scheduler

Engageware Scheduler removes the need for your sales and service teams, or your customers, to call, chase, or wait for a response. The intelligent appointment scheduling solutions offered by Engageware Scheduler mean that customers can book themselves directly into the diary of the specialist they need, be it to resolve a problem or to discuss a potential sale. Conflicting appointments and limited availability become a thing of the past, as all resources are pooled, all systems are synchronised, and the availability of all team members is visible. With Engageware Scheduler, you can get ahead of the game with your marketing, sell more efficiently to interested leads, and improve customer retention rates.

How can Engageware Scheduler benefit your business?

  • Get leads to self-qualify and schedule an appointment with a sales rep by themselves
  • Automatic meeting bookings based on AI-generated lead scores
  • Automate all booking admin tasks
  • Resolve support issues more quickly by allowing your customers to schedule service meetings
  • Automatically pool team availability to cover all time slots and meetings
  • Integrate web conferencing software such as Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and
  • Automatically book conference rooms
  • Synchronise calendar systems to alert all other team members of availability changes
  • Easy to reschedule appointments, add invitees, and adapt to changes
  • Track outcomes of the meeting on your Salesforce Org


Prices start at $10,500 USD per company per year, billed annually. Tiered discounts are available, depending on volume. A free trial is available.

Find out more about Engageware Scheduler on LinkedIn and the Engageware website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Resource Optimiser

Resource Optimiser allows you to create work from any object in your Salesforce Org and allocate it to the right team member, who possesses the right skills, has the right availability, and is in the right time zone. Track all appointments and available resources within the Resource Optimiser app, from your desktop, laptop, or from your phone, and make changes on the go. Supply your team with the right data to complete the job, including in-app maps and e-signatures. Use Resource Optimiser and its in-built analytics to ensure that every part of your company is being used efficiently and maximising the strengths of every employee.

How can Resource Optimiser benefit your business?

  • View all resource availability in one interface
  • Launch your Appointment Console from any record, or embed it in your Chatter feed
  • Generate work from any Salesforce object
  • Allocate work to the right, available team member with the right skills
  • Book appointments in any time zone
  • Resource suggestions based on availability
  • Customise your mobile calendar to display all allocations and reschedule reservations and requests
  • Mobile-first experience and user interface
  • E-sign capabilities
  • Navigate using Google Maps and Apple Maps from within the mobile app
  • Control visibility of each appointment and reservation
  • Custom reports reveal suggestions to make your workforce more efficient


Subscribe before 31st December 2021 to get Resource Optimiser free for 1 year. After that, prices start at $25 AUD per user per month. Contact Cloud Sloka for bespoke quotes.

Find out more about Resource Optimiser on LinkedIn and the Cloud Sloka website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


As OnePlace has been designed specifically for the professional services industry, many of its out-of-the-box features are pre-configured to suit your needs. Build a better relationship with your clients by organising all of their data in one place, making it more accessible and more usable in client interactions and when determining the next step in their buyer journey. Tailor all communication to the individual client, from tender responses to deal proposals, and generate an estimated ROI based on their details before business begins. OnePlace is the best tool for building a single snapshot of each of your clients and using this information to influence your marketing campaigns and customer interactions.

How can OnePlace benefit your business?

  • Profile your clients
  • Import and integrate financial information from your billing systems via the OneLink connector
  • Record all cross-sells and client referrals
  • Build pitches and credential statements within Salesforce via the Proposal Builder
  • ROI calculator to determine client value pre-sale
  • Record meeting details and organise follow-ups with the Meeting Optimiser
  • Manage email and privacy compliance globally


Prices start at $17.50 USD per user per month, on a monthly subscription basis, with a minimum purchase of 30 users.

Find out more about OnePlace on LinkedIn and the Intapp website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


SalesTrip has all the tools to be an authorised travel agent by itself. Whether you are organising bookings for clients, for yourself, or for employees, you can keep track of all booked travel alongside current and predicted expenditure, and see exactly how travel expenses are impacting ROI. Employees can book their trips through the SalesTrip system, giving them all the same choice but without involving an external website. With so many of the repetitive admin tasks automated, such as expense claims and receipt-logging, you can focus your team’s efforts on the tasks that require thought and talent. SalesTrip is a native Salesforce app, and integrate with other Salesforce apps.

How can SalesTrip benefit your business?

  • Integrated expenses against any Salesforce object, to help you understand where your business is spending
  • Predict spend for different travel bookings
  • Allocate expenses, such as flights, against multiple business activities
  • Automate receipt and expense management process
  • Approve employee expenses in bulk
  • OCR receipt scanning
  • Corporate card integration
  • Detect duplicate expenses claims to prevent fraud
  • AI-powered travel search and booking system connected to your pre-existing Salesforce data
  • Predictive analytics tell you when is best to travel
  • Set up pre-trip travel requests as well as multi-level approvals
  • View spending alongside customers, projects, and campaigns for greater insight into business expenses


Prices start at $9 USD per user per month, with no extra fees.
Find out more about SalesTrip on LinkedIn and the SalesTrip website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Experian FusionIQ

Experian FusionIQ integrates risk-management data on all current and prospective clients into your Salesforce Org, so you can see the potential value and risk of every customer within your current CRM. All Experian data is fresh and kept up-to-date, so you know that the decisions you make are accurate and sensible, allowing you to confidently extend credit to existing customers or take new prospects onboard. The Experian FusionIQ application shortens the time spent assessing customer risk-cases, speeds up the time to approval with instant credit decisions, and therefore frees up your sales representatives to acquire and build relationships with new valuable clients.

How can Experian FusionIQ benefit your business?

  • Assess domestic and international risk data, including credit scores, public-record data, corporate linkage, and trade-payment information for individuals and businesses
  • View credit scores alongside every relevant report
  • Receive alerts when a customer’s risk status changes
  • Identify customers with high up-sell potential as their credit score changes
  • Speed up sales by making decisions based on data that is automatically added to your Salesforce system
  • Configure Experian data, so you can use it alongside your workflow, notifications, and reporting, to eliminate any need to disrupt work processes with searches


Prices start at $2,100 USD per company per year. You must be a client of Experian to use this app.

Find out more about Experian FusionIQ on LinkedIn and the Experian website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Cloud Coach Enterprise

A fully end-to-end project management system, Cloud Coach Enterprise allows you to more efficiently turn promising leads into business opportunities, giving you insight into your sales performance while also automating many of the admin processes that come next. Use this 360 project view to assess the progress, tasks, and milestones of each project, plan what resources are needed where and when, and tick the necessary boxes in advance, keeping you ahead of the game. Whether you’re looking for a solution to speed up customer onboarding, IT project management, or collecting customer satisfaction scores, Cloud Coach Enterprise does it all as part of a fully comprehensive project management system.

How can Cloud Coach benefit your business?

  • Complete project management on a user interface designed by you
  • Set up project templates, and auto-generate projects from leads and opportunities in one click
  • Set up your own business rules for automation
  • Gantt charts with drag and drop feature for planning workflows
  • Kanban boards
  • Manage the entire project, as well as each individual tasks within it and sub-task checklists
  • Establish project milestones and phases, and set project goals
  • Record meeting agendas, minutes, and actions
  • Collaborate with clients and colleagues on shared documents
  • Facilitate team collaboration on Chatter
  • Assign resources based on skill and availability on a calendar view
  • Track holidays and timesheets
  • Assess project risk factors and log operational issues
  • Track key health metrics for every project
  • Track costs, billing, and revenue, and automatically issue invoices and credit notes to clients
  • Alternative project view for customers, and insight into customer activities and behavior
  • Whiteboards for community discussion
  • 24/7 access to up-to-date PSA and project data


Prices start at $89 USD per user per month, billed annually, with a minimum of 25 users per purchase. Professional installation is required, starting at $22,000 USD.

Find out more about Cloud Coach Enterprise on LinkedIn and the Cloud Coach website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


With our knowledge of the Salesforce CRM and its potential to help businesses in the professional services sector improve their day-to-day running and scale up their customer service, we can help you implement any of the apps mentioned above with your Salesforce Org and make sure it delivers everything you hoped for.
Alternatively, if you have an idea for an app that hasn’t yet been developed, or are in the process of developing an ISV app, we can help with this too. Contact MagicFuse today.