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2 Best Salesforce AppExchange Applications for Government
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2 Best Salesforce AppExchange Applications for Government

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As a government-funded service, your goal is to provide your customers, the public, with a valuable experience that improves their quality of life. Managing the behind-the-scenes processes of a business of this kind requires a different approach to that of companies set out to make a profit.

In this instance, Salesforce remains powerful in its ability to organise and unify different departments and keep track of budgets, contracts, and legal documents. But, for individual government institutions that offer a specialist service, it can do so much more.

Here, we have hand-picked our two favourite Salesforce applications for enhancing the capabilities of your service. Whether you are a museum, a medical centre, or a personnel training centre, these apps can revolutionise how you connect with the public and increase the scope of what you are able to offer.


The ArtApp, created by Triple Mesa, is a system through which museums and galleries can manage the art and artefacts in their institution, and showcase their collection of culturally significant artefacts to a wider audience. The features available on the ArtApp, however, are highly transferable to different business types that require an online catalogue. Through the app, you can manage all consignments, loans, quotes, gifts, shipments, payments, and invoices, and connect them to the relevant details in your Salesforce Org. As your institution or business grows, upgrading to a larger edition of ArtApp is simple.

How can ArtApp help your institution?

  • Link together clients, dealers, and donors with pieces of interest to them and track past purchases
  • Reach interested parties and collectors across the globe, even if your gallery is highly localised
  • Set up QR code marketing for each exhibit, to link the physical work of art to its digital page
  • Set up a public website for the digital exhibition of your collection, perfect for advertising physical exhibitions
  • App follows formal structure for describing implicit and explicit concepts and relationships within cultural heritage documentation, as per the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model


The free version of ArtApp is suitable for smaller galleries, independent artists, dealers, and collectors. Larger institutions should contact Triple Mesa direct for a quote.

Find out more about ArtApp on LinkedIn and the 3mesa website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


ELTON stands for Equipment Location Tracking ONline; it is a digital equipment inventory designed to help connect your Salesforce database of contacts with the actual inventory items you loan. Users, contacts, and accounts can request, reserve, loan, or assign equipment through the ELTON service. Whether you provide medical, IT, maintenance, or personnel-related service, ELTON can help you ensure that every member of your team has the equipment they need at the right time and eliminate the risk of tech going missing.

How can ELTON help your institution?

  • Scan barcodes with your mobile device to log equipment location or send out on loan
  • Log date, time, user, GPS coordinates, and map, every time a piece of equipment is scanned
  • Customisable dashboard helps you keep track of each piece of equipment’s usage against its cost
  • Quick Scan ELTON app is linked to Salesforce system records
  • Calendar illustrates scheduled loans and reservations


ELTON starts at $180 USD per user per year, with a minimum charge of $720 per year for 4 users. Add-ons, including consumables and depreciation, are available at an additional cost. Non-profit organisations receive a 50% discount.

Find out more about ELTON on LinkedIn and the AccountAbility Solutions Inc website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

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With our knowledge of the Salesforce CRM and its potential to help simplify the day-to-day operations of government institutions, we can help you implement either of the apps mentioned above with your Salesforce Org and make sure it delivers everything you hoped for.

Alternatively, if you have an idea for an app that hasn’t yet been developed, or are in the process of developing an ISV app, we can help with this too. Contact MagicFuse today.