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How Salesforce Consulting Rates Are Different Around The Globe: Value vs. Price
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How Salesforce Consulting Rates Are Different Around The Globe: Value vs. Price

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150.000 customers have selected Salesforce to run their business. 71% of Salesforce customers actively utilise AppExchange apps. They need to customise their CRM according to their business requirements, integrate new software, or improve what they already have. It requires specific knowledge and strengths. Thus, the demand for Salesforce managed services consulting is increasing.

What about Salesforce consulting rates? They’re different depending on the consultant’s level, location and accumulated experience. The article presents information about Salesforce managed consulting experts and their grades worldwide. Moreover, you’ll get to know about different levels of Salesforce partners and what factors influence the consultant’s rates.

Salesforce Consulting Experts and Their Rates

salesforce rates around the globe

To manage your customer ecosystem and react quickly to emergent issues aren’t easy tasks. Salesforce CRM software is a useful tool for focusing your attention on customer relationships and supervising all customer-related processes. According to the statistics, Salesforce implementation companies satisfy their customers 35% more.

But at the same time, the Salesforce platform offers a wide range of features and functionality that you should figure out to boost your business correctly. That is where a Salesforce consulting expert comes to the rescue.

Hiring a Salesforce consultant, you take advantage either way. Salesforce consultant’s main tasks are:

  • to help you to configure your CRM platform according to your business objectives;
  • to determine the most suitable Salesforce apps and third-party tools;
  • to adjust business processes in Salesforce Sales, Services, and Marketing Clouds.

Mason Frank’s Annual Salary Survey Report shows consulting specialists’ rates across the worldwide Salesforce community. You can see the results of the survey below:

Salesforce rates in the United States

Position Permanent ($) Junior / Senior Contract ($) Range per/hour
Consultant - Functional 109,000-131,000 / 131,000-151,000 85-135
Consultant - Technical 124,500-154,000 / 154,000-171,000 100-160
Marketing Automation Consultant 75,500-99,000 / 99,000-114,000 90-130

By US City

City Position Permanent ($) Junior / Senior Contract ($) Range per/hour
Austin, TX Consultant - Functional 112,000-131,500 / 131,500-144,500 95-145
Boston, MA Consultant - Functional 111,500-131,000 / 131,000-152,500 90-140
Chicago, IL Consultant - Functional 116,500-136,000 / 136,000-151,500 100-140
New York, NY Consultant - Functional 123,500-137,500 / 137,500-159,500 95-145
San Francisco, CA Consultant - Functional 118,500-143,000 / 143,000-159,500 120-145

Salesforce rates in Canada

Position Permanent ($) Junior / Senior Contract ($) Range per/hour
Consultant - Functional 66,600-78,000 / 78,000-100,000 57-105
Consultant - Technical 74,550-95,000 / 95,000-105,000 65-125
Pre-Sales Consultant - / 82,000-97,000 110-135
Marketing Cloud Consultant - / - 75-105

Salesforce rates in the United Kingdom

Position Permanent ($) Junior / Senior Contract ($) Range per/hour
Consultant - Functional 61,000-76,000 / 76,000-100,800 83-116
Consultant - Technical 72,200-87,150 / 87,150-107,000 83-116
Pre-Sales Consultant 55,000-88,000 / 88,000-101,450 -
Marketing Cloud Consultant 56,580-74,800 / 74,800-93,650 83-125

Salesforce rates in Germany

Position Permanent ($) Junior / Senior
Consultant - Functional 60,800-79,700 / 79,700-103,300
Consultant - Technical 61,500-84,000 / 84,000-104,000
Consultant - Technical and Functional 60,000-90,000 / 90,000-107,000
Pre-Sales Consultant 68,000-80,000 / 80,000-98,500
Marketing Cloud Consultant 68,000-98,000 / 98,000-110,400

Salesforce rates in France

Position Permanent ($) Junior / Senior Contract ($) Range per/hour
Consultant - Functional 47,200-57,800 / 57,800-74,500 68-112
Consultant - Technical 50,000-61,400 / 61,400-78,500 68-105
Consultant - Technical and Functional 47,000-60,000 / 60,000-71,400 75-105
Marketing Cloud Consultant 50,000-63,000 / 63,000-75,000 105-140

Salesforce rates in Benelux

Position Permanent ($) Junior / Senior
Consultant - Functional 42,000-60,000 / 60,000+
Consultant - Technical 42,000-60,000 / 60,000+
Marketing Cloud Consultant 45,500+ / -

Salesforce rates in Italy

Position Permanent ($) Junior / Senior
Consultant - Functional 23,600 - 35,400 / 35,400 - 47,200
Consultant - Technical 23,600 - 41,300 / 41,300 - 60,000
Marketing Cloud Consultant 35,400 - 42,000 / 42,000 - 53,000

Salesforce rates in Australia

Position Permanent ($) Junior / Senior Contract ($) Range per/hour
Consultant - Functional 78,300-90,700 / 90,700-103,000 89-112
Marketing Cloud Consultant 71,000-81,800 / 81,800-92,500 84-112

Salesforce rates in Japan

Position Permanent ($) Junior / Senior
Consultant - Functional 47,700-71,500 / 71,500-95,300
Consultant - Technical 50,500-77,700 / 77,700-105,000
Marketing Cloud Consultant 55,300-104,000 / 104,000-152,500

Salesforce rates in Singapore

Position Permanent ($) Junior / Senior
Consultant - Functional 49,000-64,000 / 64,000-80,000
Consultant - Technical 53,000-70,500 / 70,500-88,000
Marketing Cloud Consultant 53,000-66,000 / 66,000-80,000

Different Levels of Salesforce Consulting Partners

salesforce consulting parter tiers

Depending on whether it’s a consultant or consulting company, the target market, etc., the rates vary. AppExchange marketplace offers a list of certified consulting specialists who can tackle your integration or implementation. Each Salesforce consulting and implementation partner company is tired at one of the registered levels, such as:

  • Registered – these are the experts who usually implement Salesforce managed services for businesses that need a more basic configuration. They have to be registered in the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program and have a minimum of two certifications. Moreover, they have to have a 0-249 Consulting Partner Trailblazer Score.
  • Silver – typically, they cooperate with emerging small businesses (EMBs) and small-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). To have a silver partner level, they have to reach a 250-499 Score.
  • Gold – they are generally mid-sized Salesforce consultants with 500-749 Score. They create more ACV for Salesforce and are attractive for SMBs and middle-market clients.
  • Platinum – they usually deliver Salesforce managed services to larger middle-market companies and enterprises. Platinum partners own a well operational structure and professional staff. They have a 750-100 Score and a perfect reputation.
  • Global Strategic – they are the “big guys”. They deal with more complex, larger business transforming Salesforce solutions. They’re recognised as top consulting partners.

The level is determined by a Partner Value Score (PVS). It is based on three main categories: expertise (based on the number of certifications), ACV (bookings), and customer success (based on the amount of satisfaction surveys). The company’s level depends on the individual rates of each consultant in it.

What Influences Salesforce Consulting Rates?

salesforce consulting rates factors

Salesforce consultant’s rates can vary based on some factors, such as:

  • The place where a consulting expert locates – as you can see above in the tabs, the rates vary based on location. It depends on the cost of living, the density of the talent market, etc. For instance, a local consultant who works in a Salesforce custom development based in the UK is more expensive than a remote consulting expert in Eastern Europe. In turn, a Salesforce freelance consultant is cheaper than a full-time staff member. But a full-time consulting expert can work on a constant basis and gets into the project more thoroughly.
  • A consultant’s skills and experience – it’s essential to consider that, for example,  the Salesforce individual consultant’s rates will be different from the Salesforce contractor. There are three main levels of seniority, such as:

      1) Junior – they take a supporting role. They do tasks delegated by a manager. Junior consulting experts usually have some experience with software applications and project work. They have basic knowledge of CRM solutions and Cloud technologies.

       2) Middle – they have a minimum two-year experience in implementing Salesforce solutions and work on small projects. They are specialists in analysis, modeling and documentation business processes and have a comprehensive knowledge of the Salesforce platform.

       3) Senior – they deal with complex projects including customisation and integration. Senior experts are responsible for identifying business requirements and creating necessary documents. Moreover, they analyse Salesforce CMR and provide recommendations for enhancing the system. They’re highly skilled with Salesforce technology and related products.

  • Salesforce certifications also influence the expert’s rates. The documents show what knowledge and skills an expert has. The more certificates a consultant has, the more expensive his or her rate is. The specialist can have some certifications from different areas of knowledge. Among varied Salesforce certifications, there is the Sales Cloud Consultant one. It’s designed especially for Salesforce consultants who work with the full project lifecycle of Sales Cloud implementation.
  • An expert’s specification – among Salesforce consultants there are generalists (they have extensive cross-platform knowledge) and specialists (they focus on one aspect of Salesforce software using their deep expertise of the Salesforce).
Salesforce AppExchange Ecosystem report


Hiring a good Salesforce consultant specialist is an excellent solution if you want to design your Salesforce platform according to your business needs and improve customer service. By considering the provided information, you’ll be able to make cost-effective decisions and invest in a consulting expert in the best way.