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13 Best Salesforce AppExchange Applications for Healthcare
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13 Best Salesforce AppExchange Applications for Healthcare

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Whether you’re a business that creates technology to improve the infrastructure of medical centres, or a social care service looking to improve the care you offer your patients, Salesforce and its applications can be invaluable tools. The applications mentioned on this list all assist in achieving one ultimate goal: improving the experience of your patients.

Salesforce builds connections between your business, your patients, the healthcare institutions you collaborate with, and the technology and treatment you need to facilitate. This connection alone aids everything from market research to streamlining individual treatment processes; it takes the pressure off your sales and research staff, and builds an environment of efficiency and value. Tailoring your use of Salesforce to your organisation’s specific needs, be it with advanced healthcare insights or personalised patient portals, can take the benefits of the world’s favourite CRM one step further.

The 13 applications listed here offer a range of different additional solutions for a variety of businesses within the healthcare sector; we would be happy to offer advice on which app might be best suited to you.

best Salesforce AppExchange apps for healthcare

Definitive Healthcare

The Definitive Healthcare Salesforce integration gives you access to the Definitive Healthcare database, directly from your CRM. Intelligence on over 7,400 hospitals and healthcare providers is available at your fingertips, including analysis of technology infrastructure and hospital procedures, contact information for key executives, and daily updates and news. This data is updated automatically, so you can always be sure you’re viewing the most recent and relevant information. Leverage the data to help guide marketing campaigns, seek out experts in your product research, and locate the patients and doctors that need your help.

How can Definitive Healthcare help your business?

  • Guide commercial success in the healthcare field
  • Single out potential leads and build a hierarchy of accounts
  • Definitive Healthcare database contains information on 7,400 hospitals, over 875 health systems, over 7,250 ambulatory surgery centres, over 181,000 physician groups, over 18,000 skilled nursing facilities, over 900 payers, over 700 accountable care organisations, over 220 health information exchanges, and the contact information of over 200,000 key executives in various healthcare institutions
  • Highlight gaps in infrastructure that can be filled with your product
  • Daily Requests for Proposals in EMR, consulting, anaesthesiology and more


The Definitive Healthcare CRM integration is free to download, but your business must also have a subscription to the Definitive Healthcare database. Subscriptions are built around your unique needs. A free trial is available.

Find out more about Definitive Healthcare on LinkedIn and the Definitive Healthcare website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


CancerNAV, developed by Family Care Path, aims to improve the efficiency and success rate of cancer treatments. The application manages the patient’s journey from diagnosis to treatment, simplifying the process and reducing the time to treatment. Clinical nurse navigators and non-clinical patient navigators can easily track the progress of oncology patients, provide meaningful follow-ups, and prioritise critical tasks according to treatment pathways standardised by national guidelines and accreditation. CancerNAV not only increases the potential success of the treatment you offer by improving communication networks and organisation, but it also ensures that more patients accept and go through with their treatment plan.

How can CancerNAV help your institution?

  • Improve time to treatment by an average of 33%
  • Each navigator can manage the journeys of 61% more patients
  • 26% fewer patients drop out of treatment plans
  • Dashboards deliver concise patient summary
  • Checklists for each patient, with reminders and alerts
  • View patient prescription history, lab schedule and results, and even order necessary transportation for them
  • Health Cloud facilitates communication between patients, non-clinical navigators, clinical nurse navigators, and the medical team administering treatment


CancerNAV starts at $2,500 USD per company per month.

Find out more about CancerNAV on LinkedIn and the Family Care Path website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

LiveData PeriOp Manager

The LiveData PeriOp Manager improves your institution’s surgical workflow, allowing you to complete more surgeries per day with the same clinical team and resources. The result is reduced costs, increased patient safety, and improved treatment success. The application is fully integrated with Health Cloud and expands Health Cloud capabilities throughout the perioperative process and beyond. It is the first app of its kind to engage in real-time with patient records, facilitating communication and team coordination. With Salesforce at its base, patients are treated as customers, making customer experience the main priority.

How can LiveData help your institution?

  • Real-time data and automated analytics highlight problems in your processes
  • Improved communication between surgical and clinical teams
  • Real-time access to patient data in operating rooms
  • Live surgical schedule to reduce cancellations
  • Tracking on day-of-surgery from patient check-in to discharge
  • Real-time analytics ensure constant improvement and full compliance with safety best practices


Pricing quotes are put together bespoke for your institution and start at $5,000 USD per operating theatre per month.

Find out more about LiveData PeriOp Manager on LinkedIn and the LiveData website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Kyruus ProviderMatch

ProviderMatch aims to help Access Centres pair patients up with the right providers, under the belief that better care can be achieved by achieving a better match. Currently, over 250,000 care providers have used ProviderMatch to revolutionise how their patients reach the care they need. The KyruusOne data management platform allows Access Centres to schedule appointments with providers and specialists directly, and combines this with the comprehensive 360 patient data view of Salesforce’s Health Cloud.

How can ProviderMatch help your institution?

  • Smart Search engine locates the right providers for each patient’s individual clinical and logistical needs
  • Book appointments directly into EHR systems to boost conversion and cut time to treatment
  • Multichannel patient access platform, across websites and networks
  • Improves patient acquisition and retention by providing better care options and a consistent patient experience
  • Patients can leave their appointment knowing that their next one is booked


ProviderMatch starts at $30,000 USD per company per year. Bespoke quotes are based on the total number of care providers at your organisation.

Find out more about ProviderMatch on LinkedIn and the Kyruus website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


The HealtheCRM unites the HealtheIntent data and insights platform, created by Cerner, with the Salesforce Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud. The goal is to enhance the engagement of both your consumers and providers by personalising interactions and setting up automatic triggers and workflows that ensure the correct, relevant data is available to the right person at the right time. HealtheCRM harnesses the power of the Marketing Cloud to automate dynamic consumer interactions that drive the desired, productive responses, and improve communication channels. Get to know your patients on every level, from their demographic to their clinical status, and make them feel valued and supported.

How can HealtheCRM help your institution?

  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Save time and costs by streamlining communications
  • Higher return on investment
  • Unify your interpretation of consumer insights across all communication channels
  • All the power of Salesforce CRM, but with the clinically-informed background of HealtheIntent


Prices for HealtheCRM start at $1 USD per user per month.

Find out more about HealtheCRM on LinkedIn and the Cerner website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Optum Care Coordination Platform

The Optum Care Coordination Platform enhances the patient experience by efficiently prioritising at-risk patients, highlighting necessary interventions, improving the outcomes of clinical and financial projects, and scaling public health initiatives. With the added complexities of modern healthcare, Optum aims to help caregivers better analyse and manage the ‘where,’ ‘what,’ and ‘how much’ of the care their patients are receiving, to create a truly patient-centred experience. Optum has over 20 years of multi-market, multidisciplinary health and healthcare expertise.

How can Optum help your institution?

  • Highlight gaps in types and availability of care, and detect the effects of this on the public
  • Devise patient care plans (covering complex and chronic condition management, transitioning care, adhering to medication plans, and preventing re-admission), which can be shared with all members of a patient’s care team
  • Secure messaging for different members of a patient’s care team to boost collaboration
  • Automatic triggers for certain tasks and interventions
  • Allows caregivers to focus on highest priority cases
  • Customisable portal for patients to track their own progress, appointments, and medication/treatment schedule


Prices for Optum Care Coordination Platform start at $1 USD per user per year.

Find out more about Optum Care Coordination on LinkedIn and the Optum website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Cadalys CareIQ

CareIQ connects to the Salesforce Health Cloud and sets up powerful workflows for patient care based on guidelines, assessments, and recommendations that can inform important decision-making. The fully integrated healthcare research, data, and analytics that sit behind these workflows ensure compliance on the behalf of your care institution and assist in establishing a holistic and personal care experience. Much of the time-consuming manual administration tasks that once occupied your caregivers’ time can now be automated, saving you money and simplifying much of the communication between payer and provider.

How can Cadalys CareIQ help your institution?

  • Highlight priority areas for improving patient, payer, and provider experience
  • Speed up staff access to critical information and insights
  • Guided AI symptom checker helps call centres and member portals successfully triage patients
  • Easy-to-use patient portal takes the pressure off phone handlers
  • Patient and caregiver collaboration tools improve communication and help keep patients on their recommended program
  • Fully-automated electronic transactions and decision support through the Utilisation Management feature
  • Self-service knowledge is available to patients through their personal dashboard, including symptom checker and educational resources


Prices for CareIQ start at $1 USD per member per month, depending on which features are required.

Find out more about Cadalys CareIQ on LinkedIn and the Cadalys website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Elixir EHR

The Elixir EHR from Mirketa has been designed specifically for the Addiction Treatment Industry and aims to save time and effort throughout the process of keeping patient records up to date. It is the world’s first customisable EHR solution integrated with CRM and RCM capabilities. With Elixir EHR, you can bring a range of different medical software systems, from hospitals, GPS, and private institutions, together with your Salesforce Health Cloud to provide an intuitive end-to-end patient management solution. Check everything from the availability of beds within your organisation to how consistently your patients stick to their medical care plan, to get a full, clear picture of the effectiveness of the treatment you offer and where action needs to be taken.

How can Elixir EHR help your institution?

  • Data stored within Salesforce is protected by advanced data security (HIPAA compliant)
  • 360 view of the patient, from the first contact with recruitment representatives to aftercare
  • Elixir is fully customisable to your specific designed treatment and wellness programs
  • Real-time insurance verification
  • Quickly calculate a patient’s eligibility, cost-of-care, and run pre-assessments
  • Include customised care plans, notes, and assessments in the CRM
  • End-to-end billing solutions, with easy-access claims information
  • Integrated with pharmacy platforms for prescription transparency and monitoring adherence to medication plans
  • Portal for patients and families to access their care plans and medical records
  • Census module of Elixir Contact Centre highlights available beds for easy patient intake


Prices for Elixir start at $50 USD per user per month.

Find out more about Elixir EHR on LinkedIn and the Mirketa website. You can download the app on AppExchange.

Actium Health’s CENTARI

Actium Health is a CRM intelligence and activation engine that unleashes the untapped value of a health system’s accumulated patient data, using sophisticated predictive analytics to generate prioritized next best actions and enable proactive, ongoing dialogue with every individual healthcare consumer. CENTARI is powered by sophisticated AI-propensity modeling that includes both clinical and behavioral data. Next best actions are ranked by priority and value always keeping you one step ahead and feed into always on outreach programs.

How can CENTARI help your organisation?

  • Get AI-powered automated healthcare audience generation, resulting in conversion rates up to 3x greater than the industry average
  • AI models are trained on your unique patient population data and includes both historic and real-time analytics
  • Uncover hidden correlations to accurately identify and predict individual patient needs
  • Next best actions are filtered and ranked according to clinical needs, value, and each patient’s likely response
  • Use capacity sensing technology to throttle patient outreach based on the predicted yield in appointment bookings
  • Launch always on marketing campaigns to scale efficiently and reduce manual tasks
  • End-to-end reporting makes it simple to tie influence campaigns to outcomes, clearly demonstrating ROI


Prices for Actium Health’s CENTARI start at $15,000 USD per month, including all data science, customer success, and change management. Bespoke pricing based on the performance of your individual package is available.

Find out more about CENTARI on LinkedIn and the Actium Health website. You can download the app on AppExchange.

Eligibility Checker: Medical Insurance Verification

Cloud Maven Inc.’s Eligibility Checker works in real-time to instantly verify a patient’s coverage and access to insurance. It seamlessly integrates into your existing Salesforce Health or Service Cloud and has all the added security you need. Benefits verifications can be automated as part of your pre-existing workflow, with the results added directly into each patient’s record. Overall, your organisation will save money and time, while encountering fewer denials and billing errors as the information will always be available and accurate when you need it.

How can Eligibility Checker help your institution?

  • Access to 820+ real-time commercial and government payers
  • Confirm demographic/identification data, coverage of insurance, benefit options (copay and coinsurance), and prior authorisation requirements for every patient
  • Supports Medicare and Medicaid
  • Save up to 40% on operational costs as staff waste less time on eligibility checking and updating records
  • Verification can be specific to certain procedures
  • Get real-time authorisations
  • Customisable reports and analytics


Cloud Maven Inc.’s Eligibility Checker comes with a 30-day free trial. Prices then start at $500 USD per company per month, including 1600 free monthly verification checks. Verification checks over 2000 are charged at 20 cents each.

Find out more about Eligibility Checker on LinkedIn and the Cloud Maven Inc. website. You can download the app on AppExchange.


Monocl gives professionals in life sciences access to data insights that will drive expert identification, strategic planning, and scientific engagement. Collaboration between Medical Affairs, and healthcare, life sciences, research, and pharma experts has never been more essential to overcome complex regulations and put together the right product. With the use of Monocl, outreach and engagement can be informed by the insights of millions of scientific sources across the globe. Real-time data and actionable insights on the work and appearances of medical and scientific experts helps you decide who to engage with, whether they are a healthcare professional, a key opinion leader, or a digital influencer.

How can Monocl help your organisation?

  • Instant expert overviews, complete with publications, clinical trials, presentations, grants, and key research topics
  • Keep tabs on research activities and developments to locate your access point with an individual
  • Find the most valuable collaborators in every expert’s network
  • Insights can be viewed on desktop and mobile devices, so you can stay up-to-date even in the field
  • Monocl can be deployed in your Salesforce Org in less than an hour


Monocl works on a named user basis, starting at $299 USD per user per month.

Find out more about Monocl on LinkedIn and the Monocl website. You can download the app on AppExchange.

IQVIA Data Connector

IQVIA Data Connector brings the so-called ‘human data science’ of the OneKey database and the Reltio MDM to your Salesforce Org. Search the database for the healthcare professionals, workplaces, and research whose expertise you need, and make the most of previously hidden insights into the human experience of healthcare. With the contacts and knowledge that IQVIA connects you to, you can confidently make faster, smarter decisions for your patients and for product and service development in the future, based on a wide range of specialist expertise.

How can IQVIA Data Connector help your organisation?

  • Download relevant contact information and real-world data sets for institutions and individuals onto your Salesforce CRM
  • Access AI and machine learning insights into real-world experience of healthcare
  • Update details or add persons onto the Reltio MDM or OneKey database
  • Schedule downloads of HCP and HCO details
  • Download updates for your territory


IQVIA Data Connector is free for QuintileIMS OneKey customers.

Find out more about IQVIA Data Connector on LinkedIn and the IQVIA website. You can download the app on AppExchange.

Veeva CRM

Connect the Veeva Commercial Cloud up to your Salesforce Org to begin personalising your pharmaceutical customer’s experience with complete insights and intelligent engagement. The Veeva CRM works across all channels, aligning all customer-facing resources and interactions, so you can connect with your customers through their preferred method, and adapt to changing market conditions quickly and effectively. Plan your commercial endeavours alongside real-world data, constantly evolving research, and communications with respected experts. In addition, Veeva intuitively records your business performance, helping your sales and marketing teams respond to what works and improve where it’s needed.

How can Veeva help your organisation?

  • Proven for companies of all sizes, from businesses launching their first product to large global life science corporations
  • Log all communications and engagement with partners and customers
  • Build strategic relationships with key stakeholders
  • Understand why your high-value accounts are so successful
  • Create meaningful interactions and scientific engagement via email
  • Streamline all accounts, locations, and contacts, and reduce risk of user error
  • Graphical interfaces for ratings and affiliations
  • Dashboards are customised to suit individual roles within your organisation
  • Built-in compliance
  • Works on mobile devices


Prices start at $200 USD per user per month.

Find out more about IQVIA Data Connector on LinkedIn and the Veeva website. You can download the app on AppExchange.

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With our knowledge of the Salesforce CRM and its potential to help streamline the services of healthcare institutions and businesses, we can help you implement any of the apps mentioned above with your Salesforce Org and make sure it delivers everything you hoped for.

Alternatively, if you have an idea for an app that hasn’t yet been developed, or are in the process of developing an ISV app, we can help with this too. Contact MagicFuse today.