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10 Best Salesforce AppExchange Applications for Retail
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10 Best Salesforce AppExchange Applications for Retail

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Does your business operate in the retail sector? If so, you’re probably looking to streamline your order handling, boost your customer service scores, and stamp down on revenue leakage. While Salesforce is proven to be an excellent solution for managing your customer relationships, there are plenty of applications on the AppExchange that can improve on it.

With the help of the applications listed below, you can revolutionise those processes that take time out of your availability for product development, nurturing customer relationships, and distributing content and products that reflect the high quality of your brand. Set these systems running in the background, and you’ll claw back precious hours for each of your team members that can be invested straight back into the business. Some features of the applications listed below include:

  • Simplify inventory and stock tracking
  • Match up the right products with the right customers
  • Ensure compliance at all times and stay on top of tax calculations
  • Increase your capacity for taking orders and payments

Take a look at our suggested applications below, to see how they can bring your business processes up-to-date.

Zenkraft Multi-Carrier

Ship and track orders with over 90 different carriers, including FedEx, UPS, USPS DHL, and TNT, with Zenkraft. Tracking order fulfilment alongside customer and client data within Salesforce has never been easier; order data is now readily available to satisfy those monthly targets as well as provide instant information for customer service requests. Make order shipping and tracking part of your day-to-day workflow, and improve logistics efficiency and speed. Updates and notifications mean that everyone is kept up-to-date and no information slips through the cracks.

How can Zenkraft Multi-Carrier benefit your business?

  • Access a growing list of registered carriers, right from your Salesforce Org
  • Post mail and ship packages from any custom object
  • Add shipping quotes to opportunities to help with costing
  • Arrange to ship in one click
  • Create shipments in bulk
  • Compare rates and arrival estimates before you book
  • Generate and print labels
  • Automatically track packages within Salesforce, getting updates every hour, and keeping all customer data in one place
  • Easily send samples to prospective clients
  • Get shipping updates in your Chatter feed
  • Organise pickups and returns within Salesforce, and send returns labels to clients
  • Integrate with Service and Sales Cloud
  • Integrate with order management and supply chain management apps


Prices for Zenkraft start at $299 USD per month.

Find out more about Zenkraft Multi-Carrier on LinkedIn and the Zenkraft website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Ascent ERP

Ascent ERP brings together every member of your team and every department. Retail businesses no longer need to manage several unique pieces of software or keep their departments separate; with Ascent ERP, everyone can receive updates on order progress and check in on what needs to be done next. Sales reps can quickly move prospects from opportunities to bespoke quotes, and finally to confirmed orders. For your logistics team, notifications of orders are instant, and within one system you can assemble, pick, pack, and ship the order, and then get notified when it’s received. Ascent ERP is the perfect CRM expansion for manufacturers, distribution companies, repair facilities, and equipment rental companies.

How can Ascent ERP benefit your business?

  • Convert opportunities to bespoke quotations to sales orders
  • Manage all asset purchasing, warehousing, and manufacturing
  • Keep track of inventory
  • Manage all orders, from picking to shipping and receipt
  • Manage all order updates and alterations
  • Record all serial numbers and bills of materials
  • Scan and label barcodes wirelessly
  • Handle all warranties, loans, rentals, and subscriptions
  • Issue repair work orders and check completion
  • Bring back office and front office together, to keep all team members in the loop
  • Integrate with partners such as Xero, QuickBooks, Shopify, Sage Intacct, Zenkraft, and Amazon


Prices for Ascent ERP start at $125 USD per user per month. The pricing structure is tiered, and an implementation fee is charged additionally.

Find out more about Ascent ERP on LinkedIn and the Ascent ERP website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Vertex Tax Solutions

Vertex Tax Solutions allows your business to confidently remain tax compliant with minimal effort. Manage all tax calculations automatically, and view the results in your Salesforce Org. Tax returns are produced quickly, ready for approval, reducing the time-intensive pressure of record-keeping and admin tasks. With the predictive analytics of Vertex, you can stay ahead of tax changes, and ensure that tax is taken into account for every transaction and product price. Vertex affords your business greater transparency for customers and staff, compliance, and faster order processing.

How can Vertex Tax Solutions benefit your business?

  • Automate tax calculations, based on shipped or unshipped cost
  • Customers can easily see how much tax is included
  • Make use of advanced predictive tax analytics data
  • Cloud-based and on-premise tax solutions
  • Handle income, sales, value-added, and payroll tax
  • Generate PDF tax returns ready for signature
  • Improve compliance
  • Ensure you are always using the most up-to-date and accurate tax rules, rates, and exceptions


Prices for Vertex Tax Solutions start at $2,500 USD per company per year.

Find out more about Ascent ERP on LinkedIn and the Vertex Inc. website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


With Mediafly, your business can refine its content strategy and begin to track the relationship between engaging content and revenue. Add all your content into one comprehensive media library and distribute it effectively using the built-in AI-powered analytics. You can even track the performance of other content online, and use this knowledge to influence your own marketing decisions. One of the key elements of content in today’s global market is establishing a working brand story and tailoring your content to fit this narrative. Mediafly helps you do exactly that, making sure your story has value and potential, and can be personalised to suit your target demographic. Mediafly is used by companies such as PepsiCo and Disney to manage their content and selling abilities.

How can Mediafly benefit your business?

  • Manage all content for marketing in one place
  • Distribute on-brand content
  • Personalise content for target audiences
  • Build interactive content
  • Find and showcase the most up-to-date relevant content for your media channels
  • Automate adding new, updated data into your CRM
  • Integrate Mediafly with other applications while staying protected by a robust API
  • Use AI-powered analytics to evaluate how your content is received by sellers and buyers
  • Receive real-time market and competitor data
  • Auto-generated charts and graphs
  • Directly connect sales and revenue to content


Prices for Mediafly start at $60 USD per user per month, but all packages and quotes are put together bespoke.

Find out more about Mediafly on LinkedIn and the Mediafly website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


Eposly aims to make it easier than ever for you to accept and process payments, in turn improving the customer service and experience that your business offers. It is the leading point-of-sale application on the Salesforce platform, for businesses of any size, and makes your technology a direct revenue driver. Manage everything from inventory and orders to payments and taxes from an iPad, seamlessly bringing together all aspects of successful and compliant transactions to make things easier for you. With the payment transaction taken care of, your sales team can get back to focusing on offering quality customer service, whether that’s in-store, over the phone, or on the go. Once the transaction is complete, all details are carried through to the accounts set up in your Salesforce Org, so you can understand customer value and buying habits at a glance.

How can Eposly benefit your business?

  • Create orders whether you’re in-store or out in the field
  • Connect all orders to customer records in your Salesforce Org
  • Adjust all prices across channels and add discounts
  • Customisable user interfaces for your staff
  • Calculate tax contributions
  • Automatic order summary emails with PDF invoice attachments
  • Accept most leading payment types, including cash, card, contactless and Apple Pay
  • Accept in-person payments with a card terminal
  • View real-time stock levels across stores
  • Print and email receipts with your business branding, and track all sales and customer habits
  • Geolocation for inventory and transaction locations
  • Build reports based on customer transaction value, terminal transaction value, product transaction value, and product stock levels
  • Eposly requires an iPad or iPhone and an Eposly card machine for full functionality


Prices for Eposly start at $75 USD per user per month.

Find out more about Eposly on LinkedIn and the Eposly website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Aforza Consumer Goods

Aforza is a suite of effective applications that, together, form a complete front-office solution for any business within the consumer goods industry, including food and drink services, household, personal care, and more. Utilise AI and machine-learning algorithms to enhance your product offerings, omnichannel presence, and customer service. Reduce lead leakage by ensuring you always offer the right customer the right mix of products, keeping them on-board and providing them with a more personalised experience. The Aforza mobile apps keep data processing, even when you’re offline, to make sure that you’re always up-to-date and no order or payment is missed. Aforza is a comprehensive solution for companies looking to improve their client focus and translate what they know about their customers into more revenue.

How can Aforza benefit your business?

  • Put together in-depth sales strategies that push personalised product mixes to the right market
  • Instantly put newly developed products to market
  • Track brand performance with in-built analytics
  • Orchestrate selective distribution
  • Plan customer and store visits, as well as trade promotion trips
  • Coordinate omnichannel orders
  • Conduct your own compliance audits and store surveys
  • Collect payments and then generate corresponding invoices
  • Manage inventories and stay ahead of stock shortages
  • Manage all deliveries and facilitate customer returns, and diffuse disputes with enhanced customer service capabilities


Prices for Aforza start at $25 USD per user per month.

Find out more about Aforza on LinkedIn and the Aforza website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


With Bayretail, your sales associates can take and manage orders and payments from anywhere in-store, using the personalised mobile application. Queues for checkouts are a thing of the past, and manual payment processing is now entirely digital. With so many more processes happening on the Bayretail app, there is even more data available from your customers’ to analyse and learn from. The downloadable mobile app makes it easier than ever for customers to buy from you, interact with your sales reps, and receive personalised marketing materials. For your staff, their monthly and yearly targets are readily available on their mobile dashboards, they can look up stock without leaving the shop floor, and they can quickly fulfil customer requests in one interaction. Bayretail is the ultimate Unified Commerce and Clienteling solution for retail businesses.

How can Bayretail benefit your business?

  • Improve your marketing campaign targeting with bidirectional integration with your marketing system
  • Feed online activities, including abandoned carts and wish lists, into customer profiles and buying history
  • Integrate customer service into every sales or marketing interaction
  • Digitise in-store customer interactions with mobile apps for all sales reps to gain access to further useful data
  • Take payments anywhere in-store
  • Take face-to-face appointment reservations through smart-booking and queueing system
  • Use social media to improve customer relationships and engagement
  • Issue all staff sales targets to their mobile dashboard
  • Monitor stock and availability from the mobile device
  • Access enhanced global business analytics
  • Send personalised event invitations to customers
  • Clienteling mobile app with shopping assistance, checkout, and stock and loyalty display


Prices for Bayretail start at $39 USD per user per month.

Find out more about Bayretail on LinkedIn and the Baybridge Digital website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Chargent Gateways Connector for Salesforce Billing

Chargent Gateways Connector is a vital addition to Salesforce Billing that allows you to connect with and use a wide range of different providers, broadening the possibilities for business and making it easier for your customers to pay. All payment records remain in Salesforce Billing, so your team will still be working with a system they know, without any retraining. On top of all this, it takes just 5 minutes to set up. Chargent has over 10 years of operating experience, is the 18th highest-rated app on the AppExchange, and prides itself on its excellent customer service.

How can Chargent Gateways Connector benefit your business?

  • Integrate Chargent’s 30+ supported payment gateways into your Salesforce CPQ Billing system, such as Stripe, Braintree, Barclaycard, PayPal, BluePay, Chase, and AstroPay
  • Increase the variety of payment types your business can accept to expand business
  • Set up recurring billing for repeat orders
  • Ensure transaction security and compliance
  • Tokenisation
  • No need to retrain your staff


Prices for the Chargent Gateways Connector start at $6,000 USD per company per year. Try the 30-day free trial before you sign up.

Find out more about Chargent Gateways Connector on LinkedIn and the App Frontier website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

Reward and incentivise your customers with a comprehensive loyalty programme. Publicise the tiers, structure, and rewards across all your marketing channels, and keep track of which customers are using it and cashing in their benefits. Antavo helps businesses take their customer service and customer experience journeys to the next level, ensuring that engagement continues even after they have left the store or logged off. One-off customers are encouraged to become long-term clients, with personalised communication, offers, and suggestions that appeal to them. Antavo is perfectly suited for retail businesses working in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, hospitality, and more.

How can Antavo Loyalty Management Platform benefit your business?

  • Fully scalable holistic loyalty logic to engage customers throughout their relationship with your business
  • Encourage long-term loyalty from your customers
  • Build on customer lifetime value
  • Design incentives that appeal to specific groups of customers, based on customer engagement, interests, and behaviour outside of shopping
  • Manage customer profiles in the Service Cloud, adding or subtracting loyalty points manually and/or automatically
  • Build tier levels for loyalty and issue rewards
  • Personalise communication with customers
  • Report any customer enrolments, reward redemptions, and survey answers
  • Incentivise customers with loyalty rewards on your app and all other channels


Prices for the Antavo Loyalty Management Platform start at 50,000 EUR per company per year.

Find out more about Antavo Loyalty Management Platform on LinkedIn and the Antavo website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


Retailmotus helps retail suppliers build meaningful and profitable relationships with the retailers that stock their products. With the range of available Retailmotus mobile applications, your sales agents always have the information they need at their fingertips, allowing them to leverage your rewards programme, take orders, and access intelligent analytics to help close the sale in person. Schedule visits to retailers using the built-in calendar, alongside briefings and contact details. The Next Best Action feature ensures that your sales reps engage leads in just the right amount of interaction, while steadily working towards establishing a long-term, profitable relationship. Retailmotus helps you get the most out of your sales agents, whether they’re in-office or in the field, by making data more universally accessible and guiding them towards more fruitful interactions.

How can Retailmotus benefit your business?

  • The Mobile Field Sales application allows sales teams to operate in the field, accessing in-call objectives as they work, create sales aids, and analytics data
  • Access the application offline to manage calendars and take orders, and sync data when connected
  • The Telephone Account Management application facilitates contact between retailers and sales reps, ensuring that they have all the information they need while on the call
  • The Retailer Engagement application allows you to manage your rewards programmes, place and accept orders, and prompt contact from sales agents in the field; retailers have access to this fully branded, customised app
  • Push notifications on new product availability to retailers via the app
  • Suggests Next Best Action after each customer engagement, including advised call frequency
  • Analyse all engagement using business intelligence methods to discover trends and opportunities
  • Bring together disparate data sources to form one strategy
  • Prioritise in-store engagement with retailers
  • Schedule visits to retailers on the Visit Calendar


Prices for Retailmotus start at £60 GBP per user per month. Additional modules can be purchased to enhance functionality.

Find out more about Retailmotus on LinkedIn and the Omni ISG website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


With our knowledge of the Salesforce CRM and its potential to help retail businesses free up more time for all-important customer service, we can help you implement any of the apps mentioned above with your Salesforce Org and make sure it delivers everything you hoped for.

Alternatively, if you have an idea for an app that hasn’t yet been developed, or are in the process of developing an ISV app, we can help with this too. Contact MagicFuse today.