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Salesforce Implementation


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Business Analysis and Scoping

Implementation of Salesforce CRM solution based on analyzing business requirements and making technical specifications. The complete guide to enhancing business processes and efficiency in Salesforce and defining the boundaries of a product. You get produced, documented, and analyzed based on business needs and requirements to make data-driven steps in Salesforce implementation.

Salesforce-tailored Configuration

Customization & configuration of your Salesforce CRM by leveraging most of the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and others. We revise in complexity, cost, and level of the platform’s modification by your Salesforce decision. Users not only utilize the CRM system but can also modify the platform to make full-scale customization for themselves with a new field, formula, or rule.

Custom development

Personalized design software solutions for a specific group of customers within the organization. The custom applications satisfy business requirements effectively and accurately more than off-the-shelf options. As a result, the company will hit purpose and power by building, designing, and deploying its custom app.

Salesforce Consulting and Training

Expert consultancy, onboarding, and 1:1 training during and after the implementation and integration phases. We focus on supporting the sales, marketing, and customer needs, then clarify business frameworks and objects. Salesforce implementation service helps enhance team workers’ productivity, reducing long sales and building a life-cycle customer. Implementing processes and setting fixed budgets makes reaching business goals more straightforward and practical with Salesforce consulting.

Salesforce Products
We Implement

Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is Salesforce's cloud-based software solution that helps businesses create and manage relationships with customers. It includes a central database of customer and sales information, as well as CRM software for managing sales leads and tracking customer interactions. Sales Cloud customers can use the software to track and maintain customer loyalty, develop marketing plans, and streamline sales tasks..

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Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud organizes all your customer service cases, service processes, and service people so you can manage your service operations efficiently and quickly. Provides improved customer service through service operation workflow automation as Service Console, Case Management, Omni-Channel, and Service Analytics.

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Marketing Cloud

Integrating project management tools with Salesforce allows your team to manage customers and tasks seamlessly, all in one view, and take processes and methodologies together to form a comprehended strategy. The integration system in PM helps organize deliverables such as mechanical or electrical engineering of multiple teams from different departments into a significant product.

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Community Cloud

Community Cloud is a social platform designed to connect and encourage communication among an organization's employees, partners, and customers. Users of the Experience Cloud platform can create more than just communities; they can also make forums, portals, help centers, websites, and mobile apps to manage your organization's content.


Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud is an integrated platform designed to boost long-term client relationships. It includes all the features in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, as well as industry-specific data models, processes, and capabilities.


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Salesforce Implementation Stages

Salesforce consulting

At first, MagicFuse team examines current business needs and defines business purposes that Salesforce should support: sales, marketing, and inside productivity between the groups. With Salesforce implementation service, we build strategies for developing the product and achieving the goal. The necessary customizations and integrations ensure that the solution complies with your requirements. Salesforce implementation process guarantees each step is completed on time and within budget.


We launch integrations to ensure your Salesforce implementation solution works perfectly with third-party systems like ERP, eCommerce platforms, and document management systems to make data flow across connected apps visible.

Data transfer from old CRM

Our developers migrate your data into the new Salesforce solution without losing or corrupting it, causing system outages, or disrupting your business processes. The company’s historical data was analyzed and organized into small particles before migration to be well-structured and ready to use as soon as in a new platform. We create structured data principles to improve data quality in the same conditionals.

User training

Salesforce implementation consists of actions operating the equipment, different troubleshooting the system problems, and determining the issue caused by the software. That’s why Salesforce training is provided to help customers adapt to the capabilities of the given Salesforce-based solution, make the best use of Salesforce default and custom features, and raise employee productivity. To every user, a manual is assigned to investigate and solve the problem, so they edit, add and delete the records using the data.


After QA engineers test a customized Salesforce-based solution in the development environment, the key is migrated to the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment. Our experts test the solution's functionality and ensure it works as expected. If the client approves the product, MagicFuse's professionals will deploy the new Salesforce implementation solution to the customer's production environment.

After-launch support

We guarantee on-demand after-launch adaptation and optimization process and support services in documentation, reports, and fixing the bugs. Moreover, we want to ensure that the informational system is operational and used and meets the quality standards. These services allow upgraded software or systems into the workflow to not disrupt all overall business systems.

How it works with us

Use existing steps from the website. Expand description: add at least one sentence to each step. Rewrite existing, if needed.

Requirements Definition

Definition of the pool of work based on your initial data and creation of the functional model for accomplishing it. With prior experience, focus, and analytical skills, we determine what Salesforce goal has to achieve and what needs to be performed to complete the development cycle.

Setup and Implementation

The exploratory phase sets up all the required tools and frameworks to launch the implementation process. Our experts move an idea from concept to reality and build the method according to the development strategy.

User Acceptance Testing

Execution of User Acceptance Testing on our side to ensure the software can handle real-world tasks and perform up to development specifications. You allow users to interact with your product before the software is released on the market to prevent bugs.

Technical Documentation

Creation of comprehensive & easy-to-navigate documentation for explaining how integrations work between Salesforce apps and your third-party software. Its functionality, architecture of a product, and service make it easier for end-user to understand and enhance workflow productivity.

Maintenance and Support

Provision of all necessary maintenance and technical assistance during and after the integration of the project is implemented. We provide comprehended documentation, user guides, and long-term support for any questions to our clients cause our cooperation doesn't end up after launching the product.


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We are
a product development & consulting company purely focused on the technical side of Salesforce. Our main competencies are Salesforce ISV development, Salesforce integration, Salesforce custom development, and implementation.
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Why MagicFuse

We mainly work with Salesforce ISV products, consulting companies, and diverse organizations and startups that integrate with Salesforce. Among our 100+ projects in 6+ years on the market, you will find Elements.Cloud, Atamis, WiserSpread, Movinga, Limio, and others. We develop Salesforce products and build integrations according to Salesforce best practices in banking and insurance, travel and hospitality, real estate, and healthcare industries.

By maintaining an everyday practice with solid theoretical knowledge, our Salesforce team consists of 35+ certified, highly-skilled experts in different roles like App Builders, Platform Developers I & II, Salesforce Admins, and Salesforce QA Engineers.



We know Salesforce works under the hood under our experience


We provide full-cycle Salesforce solution architecture


We refined focus only on the technical side of Salesforce

MagicFuse was created as a new brand, fully dedicated to our expertise in Salesforce product development & tech consulting.

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All Certified

By maintaining an everyday practice with solid theoretical knowledge, our engineers passed Salesforce Certification tests and received proper credentials. We develop Salesforce products and build integrations according to Salesforce best practices. In our team, we have:

Certified Salesforce Platform Developers
Certified Salesforce Architects
Certified Salesforce Admins
Certified Salesforce App Builders
magicfuse certifications

MagicFuse Offers Benefits of Salesforce implementation

Straightforward and automated development processes

Straightforward and automated development processes MagicFuse automates enterprise business processes like sales and customer care operations, including discounting, potential follow-up, and case prioritization. We employ standard Salesforce implementation process capability or code-based customizations, depending on your company's needs. Your operational processes will be better managed in different sales regions, products, and services and boost client satisfaction.

Prepared solutions for the life-cycle of end-user

We comprehend providing a consistent user experience, making working with a Salesforce solution simple and efficient for sales managers, salespeople, customer care managers, and agents.

A structured approach to taking solutions

Our company uses a staged procedure for solution delivery to ensure that you get a resolution that meets your needs while keeping the project's expenses under control. As a result, we initially offer core functionality and add extra features later in significant implementation projects. Customers can start using the solution with the benefit of meeting all of their initial requirements for the product. Alternatively, we can do a one-time delivery if it fits your business needs better.



What is a Salesforce implementation?

Salesforce implementation refers to migrating data, accounts, contacts, customers, and products from one source system to the Salesforce platform. Salesforce implementation includes data conversions, creation of custom objects, integration of third-party applications, and implementation of processes from the legacy system.

Does Salesforce provide implementation?

Salesforce provides a 1-year implementation package. Depending on which version of Salesforce you use, implementation involves customizing forms, workflows, reports, and dashboards. It also consists of integrating your website, CRM, and data.

What is the best Salesforce implementation process?

There is the following basic process in Salesforce implementation:

1. Preparation - building team, defining goals, metrics, and concepts, establishing a project timeline and cost planning

2. Gathering requirements and adding customizations

3. Testing and simultaneously implementing feedback

4. Engaging company-wide before going live with change management strategy

5. Developing post-implementation plan

What are best practices in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, best practices are successful strategies that business teams put into practice and knowing your internal processes inside and out before taking on a new project. The overall purpose is to help organizations become more productive by having a change management plan regardless of scale. With a focus on establishing timelines and cost planning, best practices help teams work more efficiently on projects and increase engagement, visibility, and adaptability. The one practice we can’t realize in the Salesforce project is developing a post-implementation plan to run all operational projects effectively.

How much does Salesforce implementation cost?

The implementation cost depends on the size of your company. Implementation costs vary based on the number of users. The more users you have, the more expensive it is.

How long does Salesforce implementation take?

Salesforce implementation takes approximately 2-3 weeks or more if your organization is significant. If your organization is medium-sized, implementation time is about two weeks.


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