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Why go for Salesforce integration with Project management systems?
Salesforce integration with your project management system gives your team a clear understanding of all existing processes, increases productivity, and accountability with a clear record of all your team’s work in one place.

Why Integrate Salesforce With Your Current Project Management Software?

Despite being the leading CRM software, there are limitations when using Salesforce for project management. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any workarounds for Salesforce project management solution. By integrating with the right services, you can have an efficient Salesforce project management tool.

The trick is knowing which Salesforce project management app you should integrate with, which brings us to the next section.


Most Popular Project Management Services To Integrate With Salesforce


Jira is a popular Salesforce project management app that allows you to track each task to its completion. It features a powerful automation engine, which helps to automate various tasks and business processes. With a drag-and-drop interface, Jira makes the finer details in project management easy.


Trello is a project management app based on Kanban, and it supports Salesforce integration. It’s well-known for its way of organizing tasks into To-do, Doing, and Done columns. Users can drag cards into any of the columns and append text, voice note, or image. Trello makes collaboration easy for team members and with external parties.


Asana is arguably the top productivity app in the industry. It is designed for teams of various sizes and features intuitive tools for task management. One of the advantages of Asana is its ability to integrate with other apps that enhance its value for end-users. And yes, it integrates well with Salesforce.


Wrike simplifies team collaboration with its range of project management and productivity tools. It allows the PM to draft detailed plans and delegate the tasks to team members. Its Project Risk Prediction is a handy feature to avoid missing assigned deadlines. Wrike only gets better when integrated with Salesforce.


Basecamp hovers between a collaboration app and a project management suite. But all would agree that its flexibility and flat-pricing appeal to companies with large teams. Basecamp not only makes collaboration between team members easier but also allows view-only access for clients. It makes Salesforce for project management easier.

5 Benefits of Integrating Salesforce With Project Management Services

There are many good reasons4 to start integrating Salesforce with project management tools.

Real-Time Reporting

No more manually exporting and importing data between CRM and project management software.

Synchronized Communications

Sales and project teams have access to the same data set, which prevents miscommunication.

Timely Delivery

Sales team can track project progress, and it helps to keep customers informed of the delivery date.

Better collaboration

Requests from customers are processed by sales and automatically forwarded to the project team.

360 view of customers

The shared data from Salesforce project management integration provides a complete picture of the customers.

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