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MagicFuse is a product development and consulting company, focused on the technical side of Salesforce.

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By maintaining an everyday practice with solid theoretical knowledge, our engineers passed Salesforce Certification tests and received proper credentials. We develop Salesforce products and build integrations according to Salesforce best practices. In our team, we have:

Certified Salesforce Platform Developers

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Why go for Salesforce integration with E-commerce systems?
Salesforce CRM integration with your E-commerce system helps to streamline data flows, provide better client information visibility, increase up-selling and cross-selling, and run personalized marketing campaigns.

Why Integrate Salesforce With Your Current E-commerce Platform?

Running a successful e-commerce business is more than choosing an E-commerce platform. While such platforms enable customers to purchase products from your store easily, you’ll need much more to keep them coming back for more.

Today, customers are looking for a seamless experience that allows them to shop everywhere and reach out to businesses on various channels. That’s where Salesforce e-commerce integration comes in. As the leading CRM solution, Salesforce consolidates customer information, which can then be leveraged to enhance the shopping experience.

Integrating Salesforce with e-commerce platforms allows personalization, targeted marketing campaigns, and customer service to be executed more efficiently.


Most Popular E-commerce Platforms To Integrate Salesforce With


Shopify is arguably the most popular e-commerce platform for small and large businesses. It allows entrepreneurs to set up an online store with ease. There are thousands of themes to choose from to build a professional-looking storefront in Shopify. Shopify Salesforce integration enhances the platform’s ability to carry out innovative marketing efforts.


Magento is the ideal e-commerce platform for established businesses or those with the potential to scale. It has all the features an e-commerce business could possibly need for its online store. Setting up Magento is also reasonably simple, even for non-technical individuals. Best of all, Magento Salesforce integration is supported on the platform.


WooCommerce lets you turn an ordinary WordPress website into a full-fledged e-commerce business, and it’s free. Adding products, setting up payment gateways, and choosing a theme are fairly straightforward for those who are familiar with how WordPress works. The platform also supports various plugins and extensions, including Woocommerce Salesforce integration.


Drupal is a well-known content management framework that powers many well-known websites. It also has an e-commerce extension, Drupal Commerce, which enables building online stores on Drupal 8 websites. Drupal 8 Salesforce integration allows a unified shopping experience for customers.


Zuora offers a suite of tools for businesses that are based on the subscription model. Zuora CPQ, its key module, facilitates payment flow, increases retention rate, and has helped many large enterprises scale their subscriber base. Zuora Salesforce integration strengthens the former’s data connection with the industry-leading CRM solution.

6 Benefits of E-commerce Integration With Salesforce

Salesforce e-commerce integration offers a range of benefits to online retailers, including:

Allows quicker response to market trends and shopper behaviors.

Delivers personalized shopping experience to online customers.

Reduce delays between sales, fulfillment, and inventories with a unified digital setup.

Leverage cloud infrastructure, which is scalable and robust.

Facilitates strategic planning for regional expansion.

Increases efficiency by automating processes within and between platforms.

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