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Why go for Salesforce integration with Accounting services?

The integration of your accounting services with Salesforce CRM enables seamless sharing of the financial data within the whole sales team. It allows to view every client's information, gain insights, track expenses, create customer reports, and more.

Most Popular Accounting Services To Integrate Salesforce With

Salesforce accounting integration becomes more important than ever as businesses strive to grow rapidly in an ever-competitive landscape. These are accounting software that are commonly integrated with Salesforce.


Quickbooks is a popular financial software for small and medium businesses. It does a great job in tracking payments, bill management, and generating financial reports. However, it’s not an ideal software for managing customers. Salesforce is the best CRM that integrates with Quickbooks to track and manage customers better.


Xero is furnished with all the necessary features that make a great accounting software. The finance team can manage bills, payments, inventories, and more by using Xero. Salesforce Zero integration allows cohesiveness between the sales and finance team. Data generated from Salesforce are transferred to Xero and vice versa.


Sage50 is cloud accounting at its best. Small businesses favor it to manage payroll, bills, invoicing, costing, and more beyond the conventional desktop. By integrating Sage 50 with Salesforce, small businesses can get the best of sales and accounting cloud solutions by sharing critical data.


ZohoBooks affordability makes it a hit as online accounting software for small businesses. It supports end-to-end accounting from an intuitive online dashboard. Besides facilitating accounting tasks, ZohoBooks is also an integration-friendly software. Integrating ZohoBooks and Salesforce ensures that the finance team is updated with the latest sales-related data.

4 Benefits of Integrating Salesforce With Accounting Software

Increase Productivity

There is bound to be overlapping information on the CRM and accounting software. With Salesforce and accounting software integration, both the sales and finance teams avoid repetitive data entry, which can be unproductive. The shared information also ensures accuracy when communicating with customers.

Real-time data access

In an increasingly competitive environment, businesses are pressed to make decisions that demand real-time information access quickly. It is no longer feasible to manually transfer data between CRM and accounting software. Integrating Salesforce with accounting software ensures that each department has access to the latest data in real-time.

Improve conversion

It’s easier to launch a successful sales campaign when the sales team has access to the customer’s historical data. Linking Salesforce to accounting software provides insight into the customer’s past purchases. The data helps to shape a targeted campaign that’s more likely to convert.

Better collaboration

Sales and finance are crucial departments of any business. Thus, it makes sense that both teams need to be on the same page to avoid problems. Salesforce accounting integration promotes better collaboration. For example, the finance team may be more lenient in chasing repayments if they are aware of a huge order down the line.

Why MagicFuse

We mainly work with Salesforce ISV products, consulting companies, and diverse organizations and startups that integrate with Salesforce. Among our 100+ projects in 6+ years on the market, you will find Elements.Cloud, Atamis, WiserSpread, Movinga, Limio, and others. We develop Salesforce products and build integrations according to Salesforce best practices in banking and insurance, travel and hospitality, real estate, and healthcare industries.

By maintaining an everyday practice with solid theoretical knowledge, our Salesforce team consists of 35+ certified, highly-skilled experts in different roles like App Builders, Platform Developers I & II, Salesforce Admins, and Salesforce QA Engineers.



We know Salesforce works under the hood under our experience


We provide full-cycle Salesforce solution architecture


We refined focus only on the technical side of Salesforce

MagicFuse was created as a new brand, fully dedicated to our expertise in Salesforce product development & tech consulting.

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By maintaining an everyday practice with solid theoretical knowledge, our engineers passed Salesforce Certification tests and received proper credentials. We develop Salesforce products and build integrations according to Salesforce best practices. In our team, we have:

Certified Salesforce Platform Developers
Certified Salesforce Architects
Certified Salesforce Admins
Certified Salesforce App Builders
magicfuse certifications

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