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MagicFuse assists you in hiring Salesforce Developers

We delivered 100+ Salesforce projects within 6 years of experience. Our Salesforce certified engineers provide unique Salesforce solutions for employees and users and improve customers' overall experience engaging with your company.

We offer Salesforce customization, Salesforce development, Salesforce AppExchange Apps, Salesforce Integration, and Salesforce Migration services, as well as support and maintenance. Hire Salesforce developers to take your CRM sales to new heights.

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Why you should Hire Salesforce Developers with MagicFuse

Silicon Valley-caliber vetting

Expertise, hard and soft skills are our primary goals in offering Salesforce developers based on your needs. We precisely define the perfect candidate by passing our technical tests and job interviews.

Hire 4x faster

Within a week of proposing your requirements, you'll be ready to begin working with your Salesforce developer! We know how vital it is to strengthen the team quickly with a new developer.

Trusted global talent pool

6+ years of experience in Salesforce and thousands of well-known developers worldwide. You can immediately increase the company’s potential to bring new and unique skills to the candidate you want.


Our company respects the confidentiality of your ideas and projects. We adhere to strict NDAs to ensure that your idea is safe with us. Our Salesforce developers ensure transparency by keeping clients up to date on the status of the project and its tasks.

Certified Developers

Our Salesforce engineers are certified in various specializations from App Builders to Architects to Platform Developers I & II. Their expertise gives you an in-depth understanding of the platform. Having certified Salesforce developers sets you apart from the competition with certification.

Quick Team Scaling

If you need additional Salesforce developers to expand your team’s functionality and increase revenue? We enable you to scale your team rapidly without interrupting daily operations!

All Certified

By maintaining an everyday practice with solid theoretical knowledge, our engineers passed Salesforce Certification tests and received proper credentials. We develop Salesforce products and build integrations according to Salesforce best practices. In our team, we have:

Certified Salesforce Platform Developers
Certified Salesforce Architects
Certified Salesforce Admins
Certified Salesforce App Builders
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How to hire our Salesforce Developer?

The process of hiring our Salesforce developer is fairly simple. Here are the major steps in obtaining our holistic Salesforce development services:


Let us know your requirements

First and foremost, we gather candidates’ requirements. To find the best-suited experts for your project, we need information such as job descriptions and preferred workflow, the goals you wish to achieve, and the scope of your project.


Discuss your project with us

Afterward, we will discuss the project in detail as objectives you want to achieve, the metrics you want to use, the KPIs you want to focus on, and all other aspects relevant to your project. We ensure you hire the best Salesforce developer at a reasonable price for our services.


Finalize the engagement terms and get started

We are ready to deliver a package, engagement terms, a timeline, and a fixed price model for your project. We will assign a qualified Salesforce developer to your project as soon as you approve the proposal or continue to look for hires in our talent pool.

Hire ourSalesforce Experts

Salesforce Consulting

We provide full-service consulting, from concept to implementation. Our Salesforce experts analyze your needs and make unique recommendations to help you optimize the CRM platform. Whether you're having trouble deciding which edition to subscribe to, adding the best Salesforce tools, or making cost-effective implementation decisions, our experts will help you every step. MagicFuse’s Salesforce consultants have many years of experience providing Salesforce solutions to a wide range of domains and industries. Hire Salesforce Developers to fulfill your business needs and develop the best action plan.

Salesforce Cloud Setup

We assist in gaining insights into the business thanks to the cloud. Our Salesforce Developers manage all the files needed to set up Salesforce from scratch for all aspects of your business as CRM, sales, customer service, marketing automation, etc. We aim to make all work on the same connected platform, drawing from the customer data. Hire Salesforce developers to speed up customer case tracking and resolution via phone or email to fulfill their expectations better.


With our Salesforce customization services, you can tailor the CRM platform to your specific needs and preferences. Salesforce is a reasonably large platform with numerous tools, applications, and add-ons. Our Salesforce developer assists you in adding the appropriate custom objects, records, and other elements to the CRM platform to help you get the most out of it.

Maintenance & Support

After post-project delivery, we provide Salesforce support and maintenance to ensure that our clients' projects run smoothly. If you have any questions, concerns, or issues with your Salesforce org, our Salesforce developer will provide you with personalized Salesforce support. We ensure the context of your problems to resolve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

Salesforce AppExchange

Enable end-users to access, download and install software apps – hire Salesforce developers. AppExchange is a cloud-based marketplace where you can create custom apps like Salesforce apps, lightning components, finance apps, and much more. We architect, consult, deploy, build and test your app using the Salesforce platform. Our developers ensure that the app's security standards and privacy policy are top-notch.

Integration & Migration

Our skilled Salesforce Developers provide a Salesforce migration without threatening its security and integration solution to manage the rapidly growing data and sales and migrate them from one platform to another. We assist you in determining the best platforms to integrate and migrate and carrying out the process from start to finish. We have hands-on experience with Salesforce, so whether you need third-party migrations or current business apps, open doors to new possibilities. Hire Salesforce Developers to open doors to new opportunities.

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Salesforce Training Center

We educate specialists to deliver cutting-edge Salesforce solutions for companies. Salesforce training is aimed at specific jobs and roles and covers different aspects of the platform. We teach how to set up Salesforce to collect, analyze, and build applications with Salesforce Lightning.

Our certified engineers with years of experience give practical examples with real-life scenarios and simplify things to make the students pass the exam and become certified. We believe that the better trained a Salesforce professional is, the better service our client gets!

Standing at the front of Salesforce development, our qualified Salesforce developers maintain the necessary skills and expertise and deliver the expected results.

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Skilled on Problem-Solving


Flexible in accommodating Requirements


Ensure Effective Communication with Clients


Hold programming skills in PHP 5.x and higher, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, XML, and others.


Expert in Database skills MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, SQ Lite, and other NoSQL databases, including MongoDB.


Extensive Salesforce Knowledge


Knowledge of Payment Gateways Integration


Experience with plug-ins & components


Expertise in 3rd party app integration


Salesforce Developer Certification


Understanding of PHP frameworks


Perfect in Migration Solutions


Would your Salesforce Developer help me integrate with my existing software system?

Our Salesforce Developer can help you integrate your software system or third-party database with a Salesforce solution. They would be responsible for getting all the software integrations correct. Our Salesforce developers would also be able to set up all of the necessary security criteria to ensure that the integrations would be secure and also suggest other applications and solutions that can help your organization.

Do I need to train your Salesforce developer before starting with the project?

Our Salesforce developers are not only trained to work using all versions of Salesforce but also are aware of the possible issues that may arise from it. We have a team of specialists who ensure that your Salesforce project will run smoothly at all times. All our Salesforce developers are up-to-date on the latest skills and technologies in the industry. You will not have to train them before they begin working on your project. We will assign developers who are best suited to your needs based on your specifications. You have to brief them on your project, and they will get to work.

How much does it cost to hire a Salesforce consultant?

The hiring process for a Salesforce consultant is much like hiring any other contractor. Most companies use contractors, freelancers, or consultants to help complete a function or project. As with any hiring process, the contracting process varies greatly depending on the company's needs. Generally, a consulting firm will first consult with the company to determine the technical functions it needs to perform. Once the consulting firm is certain of the required functions, it will charge an hourly rate for its services. Most Salesforce consultants charge a similar hourly rate, so the cost of hiring one will be determined mainly by how many hours the consultant will need to complete the work.

In how many ways does the Salesforce platform is used?

Salesforce is used in various applications, including sales, service, marketing, human resources, finance, e-commerce, and logistics. It provides companies with a centralized database to store essential customer data, automates and streamlines business processes, and makes it easy to distribute information internally to employees. The Salesforce platform may also be used for customer service. Business owners can use the platform to customize their technological environment to meet their unique business needs. Salesforce also offers training to employees to help them learn to use the platform effectively.


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