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Main services

Full-cycle Salesforce app development

Building native ISV apps using JavaScript, Lightning, Visual force, APEX, Heroku, and frameworks to develop, test and deploy on the cloud environment. As a Salesforce partner, we create, deploy, and maintain code for custom development requirements and system integrations. When you choose us, you get the expertise of experienced Salesforce developers, designers, marketers, and testers who know the ins and outs of the Salesforce platform inside out.

Application solution architecture

Developing a custom AppExchange app architecture or delivering a Salesforce package for an existing app to make efficient use of enterprise resources by interaction within apps. With Salesforce Application Architecture, we support your business with a better understanding of native Salesforce features such as data modeling, data migration, data sharing, and user experience, create roadmaps and articulate the tradeoffs choosing one solution over another.

Security review for appexchange

Confidence, assistance & full support in protecting customers’ data and handling the Salesforce security review process considering our experience in releasing AppExchange apps. Salesforce security review team follows all the Salesforce guidelines and doesn’t violate any limits that might threaten customers' business-vital data. We manage highly secure applications as they need to go through a security scan and have code hand validated.

Types of Salesforce ISV We Build

To present the application to the target audience and market and sell it to existing Salesforce users on the cloud platforms, TechMagic developers implement the Independent Software Vendors in the life-cycle of Software development applications. With ISV, your application obtains simple or complicated platform applications with hard- and software.

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Custom apps

Custom applications are based on the company’s demands. It collects standard tabs, reaches customers with predictive service, and puts custom and objects that function together to resolve on-the-spot issues. The main aim is to assist, enhance and transform business processes that cannot be satisfied with the basis of Salesforce functions. The Custom Salesforce app may customize workflow automatically.

Apps for AppExchange

We built the independent applications with the company’s product or service listed on the Salesforce app marketplace as AppExchange. By integrating it into the company’s product as a cloud platform, you get an additional source of revenue by monetizing via licenses or subscriptions. Salesforce AppExchange app is changing your existing end-users for your target audience.


As a Salesforce partner, we deliver and upgrade applications using managed packages. Certain destructive modifications, such as deleting objects or fields, cannot be made to guarantee seamless updates. Our developers market and manage user-based app licenses using the AppExchange and the License Management Application. Managed packages also provide the following advantages:

magicfuseApex's intellectual property is protected

magicfuseSupport for versioning through API


Unmanaged applications are distributed as Open-source projects or application templates but are not included with the core Salesforce system. Users have to install them before using them. Users can highly depend on the functionality and erformance of applications since they are often incorporated into business processes. Our experts provide unmanaged applications as downloadable files and installers. The installed components are not within the developer's control and cannot be upgraded or changed by our developers who uploaded the unmanaged package.

How it works with us

Requirements Definition

Definition of the pool of work based on your initial data and creation of the functional model for accomplishing it. With prior experience, focus, and analytical skills, we determine what Salesforce goal has to achieve and what needs to be performed to complete the development cycle.

Architecture Design

Design of AppExchange application architecture, defying app’s type, roadmaps, and its initial setup. It includes a series of layers with users on the top that play a significant role in understanding the process and potential clients.

Development and Testing

Develop an AppExchange fully-tested application using JavaScript, Visual force,, APEX, Lightning, and Heroku stack, integrating multiple systems with Salesforce, customizing the Salesforce features to your company’s needs, and following all the guidelines with Quality Assurance Engineers.

Security Review and Listing

“Bulletproof” full-cycle review of your AppExchange app or package before getting listed on the Salesforce marketplace without violating any limits that can harm business-critical data. We thoroughly review the app before listing it to ensure its validity, integrity, and operation.

Maintenance and Support

Provision of all necessary maintenance and technical assistance during & after the integration of the project is implemented. We provide comprehended documentation, user guides, & long-term support for any questions to our clients cause our cooperation doesn't end up after launching the product.


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We are
a product development & consulting company purely focused on the technical side of Salesforce. Our main competencies are Salesforce ISV development, Salesforce integration, Salesforce custom development, and implementation.
Salesforce projects delivered
6 years
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Why MagicFuse

We mainly work with Salesforce ISV products, consulting companies, and diverse organizations and startups that integrate with Salesforce. Among our 100+ projects in 6+ years on the market, you will find Elements.Cloud, Atamis, WiserSpread, Movinga, Limio, and others. We develop Salesforce products and build integrations according to Salesforce best practices in banking and insurance, travel and hospitality, real estate, and healthcare industries.

By maintaining an everyday practice with solid theoretical knowledge, our Salesforce team consists of 35+ certified, highly-skilled experts in different roles like App Builders, Platform Developers I & II, Salesforce Admins, and Salesforce QA Engineers.



We know Salesforce works under the hood under our experience


We provide full-cycle Salesforce solution architecture


We refined focus only on the technical side of Salesforce

MagicFuse was created as a new brand, fully dedicated to our expertise in Salesforce product development & tech consulting.

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All Certified

By maintaining an everyday practice with solid theoretical knowledge, our engineers passed Salesforce Certification tests and received proper credentials. We develop Salesforce products and build integrations according to Salesforce best practices. In our team, we have:

Certified Salesforce Platform Developers
Certified Salesforce Architects
Certified Salesforce Admins
Certified Salesforce App Builders
magicfuse certifications


What are Salesforce development services?

Salesforce development services help businesses plan, build, customize, integrate, test, and deploy applications on the Salesforce platform to manage operations, customer relations, marketing, and other critical functions.

What do Salesforce developers do?

Salesforce developers are software professionals who focus on writing all the kinds of standard Salesforce Development platforms and customization. They code, unit test, build and maintain existing applications, which organizations of all shapes and sizes use.

What are the development tools in Salesforce?

Development tools include SDK, Command Console, SOAP, REST, and IDE. With that, developers provide various solutions for writing and building, enable to establish connections, create custom actions for data storage operations, and do acts for data filtering, retrieval, and manipulation.

What are Salesforce consulting services?

Salesforce consulting services are a group of services that help a business take full advantage of the Salesforce cloud platform. Salesforce consulting services are one of the most beneficial tools for improving a company's bottom line by streamlining and automating business processes and increasing sales. They focus on integration, custom development, and business solutions per clients’ requirements

How does the AppExchange Security review work?

Our AppExchange Security team reviews applications in a multi-phased process. The applications are evaluated for compliance with technical standards and security policies during this review. In the first phase, an application is considered for technical compliance. If an application passes the technical compliance phase, the submission moves to the second phase for a security review. The application information is checked against data integrity, configuration, and security policies during the security review. If the submission passes the security review, the application is approved by the AppExchange security team and becomes available in the AppExchange Catalog.

How much does ISV development cost?

ISV development costs about as much as developing an in-house application. Our ISV consultants will estimate the time on your project and determine how expensive the development will be.

However, there are necessary payments listed on the AppExchange and licensed to Salesforce customers as a $2700 initial security evaluation charge (which is then renewed annually for $150) and 15% of your app's revenue.

When do you need ISV development?

In the initial months of a company's development, it's widespread for ISVs to be developed in-house. Once the company has started getting its technology off the ground and has a couple of customers, it's common for the business to invest some money in ISV development to grow. Most companies or organizations develop their ISV in-house, at least for the first few years. Then, as the customers pour in and more technology is developed in-house, the businesses usually outsource ISV development to reputable companies and set an AppExchange extension.


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