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Salesforce Managed Package for Surfly

Surfly is a high-growth interaction middleware player that can share, secure, and transform web experiences.

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Surfly`s solution enables anyone to add a collaborative layer to any web application without having to modify or change the original application. Leading organizations use Surfly to accelerate remote deal-closing, collaborate better with seamless functionality, and engage with their own customers in a more efficient and meaningful way.

Clients Challenge

The request from clients was to build a Salesforce-managed package with the help of which users can collaborate with each other using co-browsing.


MagicFuse team created an LWC component which calls Surfly external service and provides a link to open a new window with a co-browsing session.

Under the hood of the first session initiation, a user is created on a Surfly service and the user ID is saved in the SF organization.

This plugin empowers Salesforce users to initiate a co-browsing session with their end customers and collaborate seamlessly. Surfly’s technology (we call it Interaction Middleware) is built on top of our proprietary, advanced proxy technology which enables users to transform any web interaction without changing the original application.


MagicFuse helped the client reach their target milestones. Their team managed the project well and impressed the client with their support. They also ensured accessible communication through email, messaging apps, and virtual meetings.

Mir Hossein Mousavi

Software Engineer
Mir Hossein Mousavi


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