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Salesforce Managed Package for Limio

Limio is the no-code Subscription Commerce platform that enables any company in any industry to successfully launch and manage their subscription business.

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Salesforce managed package for Limio




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It was requested to improve a Limio for Salesforce managed package that would integrate with the Limio Commerce platform and serve as a B2B and B2C commerce management tool.
Limio for Salesforce allows customer service agents to place new orders and process changes to the existing subscriptions using an intuitive UI embedded within the Salesforce Service or Sales Cloud.


Limio for Salesforce (LFS) solution underwent several developmental iterations. The latest version was implemented in the form of Salesforce Flows, Apex and LWCs, the logic is highly scalable and customisable. It is integrated with the Limio Commerce platform and third-party payment systems.

We've developed a solution that gives the agents a full yet secure visibility of the customer's history: it's possible to track the changes of the customer subscriptions' in the timeline, add different compliance scripts using dynamic merge fields, and process payments with the most suitable payment method or pick an existing one from the customer wallet.

While building the order, the agents can see an accurate calculation of the order total adjusted in real-time reflecting the changes they make to the order. Our implementation relies on a custom Limio API as a source of truth to provide an omni-channel experience - both via Limio Commerce and Limio for Salesforce.

We also created a couple of customs Objects to allow our customers to adjust the look and feel of our components to their needs.


From our experience, MagicFuse has talented senior Salesforce developers who can be trusted to code to a high standard with an adequate level of supervision. We are happy with the outcome they have delivered.

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Amaury de Closset

Co-Founder and CEO at Limio
Amaury de Closset


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