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About Customer is a B2B SaaS platform that helps to visualise and organise business processes in the companies. It has a centralised interactive space for process mapping in the cloud that allows bringing a new level of operational excellence. The web application uses Salesforce integrations and is fully GDPR compliant.
Among the main features, users can capture requirements, map processes, document Salesforce Organisation, deliver user training, and provide governance.

London, UK

We have worked with Elements Cloud for more than 3 years on their Salesforce package, its permanent improvement, and deep integration with JavaScript app hosted on AWS.



The main challenge for was to build a secure and scalable Salesforce managed package and deploy it to AppExchange. The package was aimed to accelerate Salesforce implementation lifecycle and drive its adoption with deep process analysis, understanding of Org technical debt and Org documentation.From the technical perspective, the goal was to develop a fast and secure data sync to represent millions of Salesforce records on external JavaScript application, and bypass many native Salesforce limitations.


As a solution, our team managed to build a faultless AppExchange package that passed all security reviews from Salesforce and external security companies. The application architecture allowed users to connect from Salesforce to Elements, map all processes correctly, collect data about every object, record, field and understand dependencies there, and overcome Salesforce limits with their logging system.We achieved that due to our solid understanding of the Salesforce engine. We developed a mechanism that simplifies the amount of info that we need to process at every step, and optimised the majority of queries. Everything was also monitored in granular details using AWS Cloudwatch.


Lightning components
AWS Lambda
AWS CloudWatch

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Types of projects

Big Data operations

As Elements Catalyst is built for large organisations, we had to provision our codebase, server architecture, and Salesforce data processing to be highly scalable.

Batch processing

Due to a big number of Salesforce limitations, we had to build a system that optimises the amount of info we process every time to achieve better performance and speed.

Deep integration with JavaScript and AWS

Our Salesforce package pulls the data from Salesforce Orgs and visualises the dependencies in Elements web app. We put a lot of effort into the deep connection between the 2 of them.

Security review and optimization

In order to successfully deploy an app to AppExchange, we had to pass a Salesforce security review. It included not only the package itself but also the entire web application.

Project management

In most cases, our project management was organised in JIRA, while communication mainly happened in Slack and Zoom. We also had product demos on demand, mostly on a bi-weekly basis.In this project, we involved our Salesforce Architect for general supervision and architecture assistance. From the client side, we communicated mainly with the VP of Product and CTO.


Key project management practices

Regular communication with the customer
Iteration-based process
Detailed requirements analysis
Transparent task management


Google Spreadsheets
Google Docs

Our achievements


Successful deployment to AppExchange


Ability to manage big data load


Automated data population with AWS Lambda


Record sync up to 50M records


Implemented field usage before Salesforce


Amazing reviews on AppExchange

Cooperation results

Our engagement with the team is still ongoing, we’ve been working for more than 4 years together in total. Our team is absolutely happy to be involved in this amazing Salesforce journey.We truly believe that Catalyst app is a real disruption in the Salesforce space as it helps many users and admins to make better decisions every day, understand their Orgs correctly, manage documentation and content, drive adoption and keep everything running smoothly.


Client feedbacks

Joe Beech

Adrian King

Co-founder & CTO at

Having worked with Magicforce for several years, we asked them to deliver a project on the Salesforce platform. They were able to successfully deliver it with the same level of skill and management that they had demonstrated in prior engagements. We will be using them for future Salesforce projects.

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