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Data Privacy Manager is a Salesforce-managed package developed for

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Data Privacy Manager allows tracking permissions, consents, and subscription rules for end clients, helping Salesforce marketers to remain compliant with changing GDPR policies.

Clients Challenge

When the EU released the GDPR policy, ensuring data consistency became one of the biggest challenges for Salesforce marketers.
Data Privacy Manager was specifically designed to address this issue, offering a customer-ready Salesforce package that enables experts to follow GDPR guidelines and avoid data protection breaches for end-users.


The MagicFuse team helped design an app that provides a company-wide approach to complying with privacy regulations and GDPR.

The application included features like permission tracking, Data Protection request processing, marketing integrations, data expiration management, Customer360 view of consents from all customer touchpoints, and preference center setup.

The app was released as a managed package on AppExchange.


Having worked with MagicFuse for several years, we asked them to deliver a project on the Salesforce platform. They were able to successfully deliver it with the same level of skill and management that they had demonstrated in prior engagements. We will be using them for future Salesforce projects.

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Adrian King

Co-founder & CTO at
Adrian King

Our achievements

Successful deployment to AppExchange

Ability to manage big data loads

Automated data population with AWS Lambda

Record sync of up to 50M records

Implemented field usage visibility before Salesforce

Positive reviews on AppExchange


Unit Testing
Salesforce Lightning
CSV Reader
Salesforce Communities
Generic Batches

Cooperation results

Just in 8 months, we built a great app together with the architecture team on the client side that allowed Salesforce users to track changing GDPR regulations, keep 360 views on allowed communications with end customers, manage content permissions/consents/subscriptions, etc.The application received 5-star reviews on Salesforce AppExchange and made many lives of Salesforce marketers easier.


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Ross Kurhanskyi
Head of Partner Engagement
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