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Atamis is a UK procurement software provider, supporting clients across the public and private sector to maximise productivity and increase efficiency throughout the strategic sourcing cycle.
Their product suite helps customers with Spend Analysis, Programme Management, Pipeline Planning, Tender Management, eSourcing, Contract Management and SRM.

Cardiff, UK

During the last year, we helped Atamis a lot to grow their product significantly with our expertise in Salesforce development.



The biggest challenge at the beginning of our engagement was connected to the technical background of the product. Such a big project with a lot of difficult logic onboard is not trivial to dive into. Moreover, some users of the Atamis package use the classic interface, so the project is designed to be compatible with both Сlassic and Lightning interfaces.Despite this, we went into details pretty quickly and finished an initial scope of urgent changes faster than was estimated by the client.


We involved a dedicated Salesforce developer to work with the Atamis team. In the beginning, we reviewed the existing codebase, product architecture, started with optimisations and bug fixing. Then, we gradually moved to the development of new features, integrations with 3rd parties, and R&D assignments.The most valuable decision was to bring our technical expertise to the Atamis team and to start growing the product with a systematic approach, project management best practices, and solid release workflow.


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Types of projects

Middleware integration with 3rd party

In this project, we developed an integration with DocuSign using middleware Heroku application, PostgreSQL DB, and Salesforce API. It allowed bypassing Salesforce limits related to the file size for signatures.

Development of new features

Probably 80% of our working time is devoted to the development of new features. Atamis team has an amazing backlog of ideas, so we’re actively implementing them.

Preparation for security review

As one of our goals was to prepare the package for the Salesforce security review, we utilized our prior knowledge and fixed the majority of vulnerabilities.

Investigation and R&D

Atamis product is constantly growing, and our team is often involved in the various proof of concept assignment, technical discoveries, and investigations.

Maintenance and bug fixing

MagicFuse developers take a big responsibility for the technical side of the project, meaning that we provide a lot of bug fixing, maintenance, and support for the entire system.

Project management

From the project management perspective, everything is organized in Salesforce. Before we started working together, the Atamis team implemented a completely bespoke system for case management with conditions for test cases and other componentsFrom the communication point of view, we have regular meetings and daily chats between MagicFuseforce developers and Atamis team members. Our team mainly works with the Lead Salesforce Developer on the Atamis side


Key project management practices

Regular communication with the customer
Iteration-based process
Detailed requirements analysis
Transparent task management


Google Docs
Google Spreadsheets

Our achievements


Many new features developed


Integration with DocuSign


High test coverage


Readiness for security review


Amazing reviews on AppExchange


Clear project management process

Cooperation results

During the first intensive year of collaboration with the Atamis team, we managed to become a real part of their company. Our development team established trustworthy relationships with the key technical stakeholders on the Atamis side.At this moment, we’re still working together, and building this unique procurement package on Salesforce further down the line.


Client feedbacks

Joe Beech

Joe Beech

Lead Salesforce Developer at Atamis

We have been working with MagicFuse for more than 12 months, involving them to support our development projects. We have found them to be diligent, hard-working, and very effective. Over this time, they have become an integral part of our team and I would strongly recommend them to anyone.

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