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Reservation Calendar for Ascent Solutions

Ascent Solutions helps to manage logistics operations via Salesforce AppExchange application.





New York, USA

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Ascent Solutions enhances Salesforce's digital transformation capabilities through 100% native solutions, including inventory, order, warehouse, and reverse logistics management applications on AppExchange.

Ascent ERP prioritizes flexibility, sustainability, and extensibility, breaking traditional rigidity in Order Management, Inventory, and Production features. Ascent native applications provide solutions such as financials, contract manufacturing, drop shipping, buy to order, point of sale and more.

Clients Challenge

Implementing Lightning styles onto existing VisualForce Pages, ensuring a seamless transition without compromising functionality.
Crafting a bespoke calendar app for our Rentals package, empowering users to visually track reserved Rental Items, identify reserving Companies or individuals, trace shipment locations, and anticipate availability dates for customer commitments.
Pioneering a Reservation Calendar application from the ground up, offering a comprehensive calendar grid showcasing Item Reservations in both Month and Week Views.
Creating a Sales Calendar component to streamline the sales department's workflow, providing a clear overview of daily item availability for customer commitments.


Our team has designed and developed two distinct Calendar components, each tailored with a unique UI and functionality to cater to diverse customer needs.

Additionally, we've seamlessly integrated backend enhancements into the existing Ascent Rental package functionality, and adorned multiple VisualForce components with the sleek aesthetics of Lightning styles.

Over a year ago, we partnered with MagicFuse in our quest for an official Salesforce PDO to complement our in-house software development team. From the outset, their team demonstrated dedication and an impressive skill set, transforming our conceptual ideas into well designed, highly functional applications.I’m definitely impressed with their sustained focus on delivering exceptional results while maintaining seamless communication, despite operating within a country grappling with an immensely uncertain and challenging landscape.Continuing our collaboration has been a natural choice, driven by the successful outcomes we’ve achieved together. Looking ahead, we’re excited about the prospect of further enhancing our Salesforce native applications in tandem with MagicFuse.
Fabio L. Massetta

Fabio L. Massetta

VP of Sales & Marketing Ascent Solutions
Fabio L. Massetta



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