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What Solutions You Can Build with Salesforce Einstein AI

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Get to know how you can use Salesforce Einstein AI products and tools for sales, marketing, commerce and service departments and building AI-powered apps.
What Solutions You Can Build with Salesforce Einstein AI
Vova Babin
By: Vova Babin
Head of Salesforce Delivery at MagicFuse, certified Salesforce Architect with 13+ years of experience.

AI is a commonly-used technology in our everyday life. Opening a phone with Face ID, viewing our personalised feeds in the social media accounts, and searching Google - in each of these cases we face AI. Salesforce CRM platform is no exception. You can utilise Einstein AI to optimise your daily business processes and deliver high-quality Salesforce implement services in a smarter way.

Let’s dive into the world of Einstein AI. Get to know how you can use Salesforce Einstein products and tools for sales, marketing, commerce and service departments. Moreover, you’ll learn how to build AI-powered apps with the help of this technology.

What is Salesforce Einstein AI?

what is Salesforce Einstein AI

Salesforce Einstein is an AI technology used for customisation of the CRM. It was launched in 2016. Since over 40 different Einstein features have been released. The main advantage of it is simplicity both for developers and Salesforce users. Many Salesforce customers embed these solutions into their business and get really exciting results.

Based on the primary purpose of artificial intelligence - to make forward-looking statements - you’ll discover insights, predict outcomes, automate workflows and add next-step recommendations using Salesforce Einstein AI.

It does automatically the advanced machine learning, data discovery and predictive forecast for you. Besides, Einstein functionality can be used for designing AI-powered apps by admins and developers and deploying them directly in your workflows.

Salesforce Einstein AI Products and Tools

Salesforce Einstein products

Salesforce Einstein is the intelligence layer of the Customer 360 platforms. It’s divided into two large usage categories:

  • for Salesforce users (Einstein for Commerce, Einstein for Marketing, Einstein for Service, Einstein for Sales, Einstein Search);
  • for admins & developers (Einstein Vision, Einstein Language, Einstein Translation, Einstein Optical Character Recognition, Einstein Prediction Builder, Einstein Discovery, Einstein Next Best Action).

Moreover, everyone can talk to Salesforce using Einstein Voice. Every Salesforce Cloud has a corresponding Einstein software. Furthermore, a lot of Einstein’s capabilities are available in the base licenses of each Clouds.

Einstein for Sales

Using Einstein AI, your sales team can build a driven sales culture. It’s easier to collect customer data using Einstein Activity Capture sync with email and calendar. Get useful insights by learning reports and dashboards in Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

Also, you can increase forecasting accuracy and track sales team’s work using Einstein Forecasting functionality. Analyse your own sales history, opportunity engagement activities and predict how to convert leads most successfully with Einstein Lead Scoring and Opportunity Scoring options.  

Einstein for Service

It’s easy to improve the interaction between your support agents and customers with Einstein. Solve routine customer enquiries and reply to the most common questions much quickly using Einstein Bots. Also, it’s possible to set the sorting of customer cases by enabling Einstein Case Classification option that the right supporter will help with a specific issue.

Besides, one of the useful features is Einstein Article Recommendations to learn the question deeply. The last but not the least worth mentioning option is Einstein Reply Recommendations for customer care reps to find the best solution in no time and increase customer satisfaction.


Einstein for Marketing

Growing a customer base is one of the main tasks for the marketing department. How to achieve it with Einstein? Do email marketing, score customer actions, divide the audience into target segments with Einstein Engagement Scoring and send personalised content based on the provided data.

Moreover, you can view email campaign performance and influencing factors in real time using Einstein Campaign Insights tool. Get the statistics about prospects’ behaviour and their interest in the product with the help of Pardot Einstein Behaviour Scoring feature.

Pay your attention to your key accounts, connect marketing and sales teams, and, as a consequence, increase your revenue by applying Einstein Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy to your business.

Einstein for Commerce

While shopping, customers want to find desirable items and accurately. It's a great opportunity to create smart shopping experiences for your clients with Commerce Cloud Einstein. Offer relevant product suggestions and increase your cross-sells and upsells using Einstein Product Recommendations.

Moreover, it’s possible to get enough information about your customers (a browser, a purchased product, location, device, etc.) and show personalised product combinations based on that data with Einstein Predictive Sort option.

Also, when a shopper enters a product name in the search and doesn’t find it, you get information about it and suggestions about what words to link together for the best customer experience.

Einstein To ‘Level-up’

Analyse complex and large datasets easily with Einstein Analytics app. Review your commerce, marketing, sales collected data in one place and use insights to create robust strategies for each branch and increase customer engagement.

Salesforce CRM users do a billion searches a month. With Einstein Search, they work up to 50% faster. Find the most relevant, personalised for every user results using a natural language and quick artificial intelligent functionality.

Einstein for Building Solution and Applications – AKA. Einstein Platform Services

Einstein Voice is an AI technology allowing users to manage Salesforce CRM platform via spoken instructions. Using the mobile app or Alexa, Google Home and other smart speakers, you can record and present daily briefings, update the records. Also, you’re allowed to make notes and connect them to the records automatically, open dashboards and much more using Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Bots products.

Einstein Vision is used for recognising images and their place into a context and integrating custom deep-learning models in your Salesforce CRM plans with right Salesforce implementation company. It includes Einstein Image Classification and Einstein Object Detection. You can categorise and identify objects within the images. For example, you can take a photo of your product into a store and get the information about it: the amount of items, size, location, etc.

With Einstein Language, it’s possible to create natural language processing models. There are Einstein Intent API, Einstein Sentiment API, and. Einstein NER. You can classify the unstructured text data and apply predetermined markers using Einstein Intent API feature. It helps you to grasp users’ intent in customer inquiries and understand what customers want to get.

Moreover, using Einstein Sentiment API, you can recognise customer mood (positive, negative, neutral) by analysing emails, social media and chats. Also, it’s available to pick out entities in the text by utilising the named-entity recognition (NER) model.

Einstein Translation is a quite new machine learning capability of Einstein Platform Services. This tool enables you to adjust dynamic language translation for any Salesforce components. For instance, it makes it easier for service agents to communicate with customers from all over the world thanks to the instant translation of inbound customer queries to their native language.

Einstein Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is useful for interpreting documents and determining relevant information. It allows you to cut down the time it takes to do repetitive tasks. With the help of computer vision, it’s simple to upload a document (e.g. a business card from a customer), transform the data into text and match it to the appropriate record in the Salesforce system.

Einstein Next Best Action allows you to provide optimal recommendations at the point of maximum impact to your customers and employees. Specify your recommendations, incorporate internal and external sources of insights in action strategies, embed best action components in Salesforce records by using Einstein Next Best Action feature.

Einstein Prediction Builder is a practical tool for creating custom predictions about almost any Salesforce field. Choose a standard or custom Salesforce object, pick a field to predict and check on what fields Einstein should base your predictions.

The main use cases of  Einstein Prediction Builder are predicting churn rate and prices in the volatile markets. You can use calculated scores in your workflows and boost your business processes based on them.

Einstein Discovery is working as your personal AI-powered data scientist. The tool analyses a million of data combinations and provides you with needed information quickly and accurately. You can get explanations, recommendations and meaningful insights based on your data sources directly in the Salesforce CRM.

It’s also possible to export the statistics stories into Einstein Analytics and explore the data. Using Einstein Discovery you can increase accuracy, productivity and predictability of your business processes.

Real World Implementations of Einstein AI

use cases for Salesforce Einstein AI

Hundreds of companies have already succeeded with Salesforce Einstein AI. For example, the U.S. Bank has lifted lead conversion to 2.35 times thanks to using artificial intelligence. Utilising the Salesforce platform and the Einstein tools, they get a complete picture of each customer and their interactions with the bank. They’ve reached the goal - to create a unified customer experience across all business lines.

One more interesting story is about creating an excellent digital experience for customers by Room & Board furniture business. Using Marketing Cloud’s Predictive Intelligence, they provide customers with personalised product recommendations based on their sales history. Moreover, through Predictive Intelligence, they realized a 2,900% return on investment in its first year.


In business development, it’s so important to move with the times and use the latest data-driven technologies. Salesforce Einstein AI is one of such technologies intended to ease your business processes and improve customer experience with your company (62% of consumers are willing to interact with AI to have a better experience).

MagicFuse is here for you to consult on Einstein AI integration and help to set up Salesforce Einstein tools in your CMR according to your business needs.


  1. What can you do with Einstein analytics?

    Using the cloud-based analytical tool Salesforce Einstein Analytics, you can comprehend, assemble, and display data originating from Salesforce, ERPs, data warehouses, and log files.

  2. How do you implement Einstein in Salesforce?

    To enable and implement Einstein on their storefront, the team records each step. We review the site readiness analysis, specify the features to be included, and determine next on the development steps.

  3. How much does Einstein Salesforce cost?

    Einstein Salesforce costs $150/month, including implementation, custom development and support. There are no other limitations and no strings attached. The plans also include unlimited user licenses, custom objects and dashboards.

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