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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

MagicFuse offers advanced marketing automation increasing the effectiveness of marketing initiatives and customer engagement with Salesforce Marketing Cloud services. Impactful and adaptable SaaS platform delivers relevant messages at each stage of the customer journey and marketing campaign to enhance client relationships.From consultancy to support, re-platforming and integrations, we focus on your specific business needs and maximise the Salesforce Marketing Cloud benefits for you. Take care of every customer with Marketing Cloud Services!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

Why do you need Marketing Cloud Services

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides in-depth data on the customer's journey and access to the business to stay connected and personalised to offer customers high-quality service.
Businesses benefit from a higher volume of leads, an immense amount of converted leads, and improvements in marketing ROI with Marketing Cloud. It creates and manages effective marketing campaigns, giving access to email customisation, and optimises various marketing strands, including customer journey, campaign execution, post-campaign analysis, engaging and promotion-focused social media posts, and management of data over the platform.
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Benefits from Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Comprehending the consumer-base

Marketing Cloud allows communicating with potential customers in a much more tailored way, getting a comprehensive picture of your client's needs. You can gather data and information from numerous prospective sources. Answering a question about the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and its benefits, we define combining data and optimisation to build an effective business plan by determining each customer's valuable journey and generating higher revenue.

The Power of Data Analytics

Companies can effectively and quickly manage marketing activities by looking at activation rates, leads produced, and revenue per customer with no need to have their own servers to house firm data because Marketing Cloud is already hosted in the cloud. Discover the effects of your marketing initiatives on client loyalty and your brand's reputation.

Efficient Data Management

You may learn about the customer journey stages through the collected data and quickly share data with different departments inside your organisation using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Marketing Cloud transmits data about leads from social media posts or email campaigns, along with customer profiles and interaction information. Data management aids in the analysis of campaign performance and timely information transmission and increases collaboration between marketing and other business areas.

Immense Integration Capabilities

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers data from various sources, including Adobe Marketing Cloud (Adobe Experience Cloud), Salesforce CRM, and Google Analytics. Sales Representatives obtain enhanced contact information and imported content. Marketing Cloud integrations visualise your contact data, import content, and send custom messages. Manage your marketing initiatives more effectively.

Using Artificial Intelligence

Access combining data within the Einstein tool using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration. You can track valuable interactions and get many applications within the Marketing Cloud that cover the areas of Engagement, time optimisation to send a message to the potential clients, engagement frequency, and guaranteeing a personalised experience that lasts moving forward to prevent disengagement. Master client communications to interactions with your company with AI in Marketing Cloud.

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Marketing Cloud Consulting

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts create a marketing plan and campaign to improve marketing effectiveness, generate leads and boost ROI. Marketing in salesforce masters your technological environment, customer data and in-depth analytics. We build a roadmap for you that includes customised marketing initiatives, customer journeys, a CRM strategy, and loyalty administration based on guidance for your e-commerce platform in the most effective way. With our team, you can achieve alignment across all functions related to your consumers.

Replatforming to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We provide a secure migration strategy to smoothly switch your company from outdated marketing platforms to innovative and user-friendly Salesforce Marketing Cloud. MagicFuse aims to digitalise and enhance your operations and help you to engage efficiently, build long-term relationships with your customers and get real-time data analytics.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration with Commerce

With our assistance, you can smoothly integrate any system and optimise challenging tasks in integrations. MagicFuse offers integrations of the Salesforce marketing platform with your business and all the tools to operate the Salesforce Marketing Cloud fully. Companies benefit from improved customer personalisation by combining all of their systems and data from any location, automating tasks and faster delivery of customer experiences.

Support for Marketing Campaigns

We help to effectively communicate and transfer vital information and resources to close the gap between marketing and sales. Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets you specify campaign categories, arrange resources, include participants, build campaign hierarchies, track performance, and generate reports. We specialise in creating responsive HTML email templates for planning, designing, and scheduling newsletters, preventing cart abandonment, a rewards and loyalty program, monitoring performance to enhance the database, and implementing advanced segmentation. Streamline your marketing strategy with MagicFuse and create the best customer journey!

Data Intelligence Services

At MagicFuse, we can collect insightful data and turn it into practical marketing initiatives solutions by completing records and making it simple to organise and add new contacts and accounts. We are keen on identifying out-of-the-ordinary details that help you comprehend the operations of your potential customers by locating and fusing data from diverse sources. Utilising data can enable you to pinpoint important consumer subgroups, create distinctive customer offers, and increase user engagement. Our Salesforce specialists complete the gaps in your client data and update it so you can better manage your pipeline, find possibilities more quickly, boost brand loyalty and make more informed decisions.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support and Training

From monitoring, feature adjustments, and maintenance, we take over your Salesforce solution's complete development and administrative support or perform specific support tasks, taking care of all the connections, integrations, and platform updates. We respond to inquiries regarding problems such as system outages to issues affecting many users. Without affecting current business operations in Salesforce, MagicFuse experts modify default functional

Оpportunities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Customer Data Platform

Enable real-time, automatic connections between your data. Marketing cloud platforms optimise and minimise your time by automating unification and custom customer segmentation to scale every engagement across email, mobile, web, and advertising and ecosystem to expand your data.
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Journey Builder

Arrange your messages over all marketing channels. Companies can provide cross-channel tailored interactions at each stage of the customer lifecycle and build personalised communications thanks to collected data from any source based on traits, browsing habits, and purchase history.
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Email, Mobile, Social and Data Studio

Want to create custom marketing campaigns, share the data with other marketers, reach customers wherever they are, or publish content and build engaging relationships with them? Marketing Cloud enables you to contact customers at any time and device, collaborate with a team, and customise messages.
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Advertising Studio

Enhance marketing goals with activated customer data in personalised advertising. Advertising studio helps to coordinate campaigns with social, mobile, sales, and customer service efforts, re-engage inactive users within the customer journey across digital advertising and activate your CRM data for targeting.
marketing cloud image 4

Audience Studio

Collect customer data from different sources and optimise it for personalised marketing experiences. Businesses benefit from defining and contacting target audiences, responding to new client platforms, following user touch points across journeys and having a deeper understanding of their customers.
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Google Analytics 360 Integration

With Google and Salesforce, access audiences and unsampled data and track and evaluate customer activity without technical support or services. All data is gathered and displayed in your customisable Google Analytics reporting dashboard.
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Enhance data integration, reporting analysis and optimisation. Intelligent Reports or Datorama share detailed analytics with built-in dashboards that visualise Email, Journey and Push data from marketing campaigns, then filter, sort and summarise it.
marketing cloud image 7

Interaction Studio

Advertise products or services or send relevant content at every stage of the user journey to your target audience across various channels in real-time with Marketing Cloud Personalization. Companies benefit by visualising, tracking, and managing customer engagement in Interaction Studio.
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Enable your marketing team with email automation, personalised email campaigns, tracking customer behaviour and digital marketing campaigns to identify potential customers. Salesforce for marketing assists in building long-term and engaging customer relationships that pose to selling effectively with minimum effort.
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What is Marketing Cloud Services?
Marketing Cloud Services offers end-to-end digital marketing support through marketing automation in social media, email, web marketing, and customer engagement.
What is the difference between Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud?
Salesforce Service Cloud focuses on customer service and support for sales professionals. At the same time, Marketing Cloud specialises in digital marketing automation (email, social media, apps, websites etc.) with real-time analytics for marketers and content specialists. Both are used to enhance customer experience and relationships with your company.
Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud in demand?
Of course! It scored above 14% of the market share in the marketing field, outranging Adobe Experience Cloud. As more and more companies need content automation, better customer understanding and advanced CRM functionalities, Salesforce Marketing Cloud enhances employees and user experience, driving ROI and minimising time and budget.
Why would a company use Marketing Cloud?
Salesforce marketing cloud services offer users the ability to connect to interactions from any channel of terms to create, manage and deliver applicable content for your user’s platforms and get in-depth real-time analytics. Companies can easily automate and set up user journeys by covering all, from email, social media, and mobile marketing to digital advertising and audience building in one platform.
What does Salesforce Marketing Cloud include?
Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes incorporated digital solutions for enhanced customer journey management, social media, emails, mobile and web personalisation. Also, marketing cloud salesforce covers advertising and assists in content creation and data analytics.
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