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11 Best Salesforce AppExchange Applications for Media
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11 Best Salesforce AppExchange Applications for Media

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Whatever your business type, managing effective advertising campaigns is central to success. This is never more prevalent than in the media sales and advertising industry, where you are responsible for the ad success of your business clients. For this reason, finding applications to make managing quotes, clients, payments, and all of your content is essential to growing your business and maintaining its popularity and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Maximising the value of your business assets is a number one priority; whether these assets are your media content, your client information, your most trusted sales reps, or your analytics reports, they need to be leveraged effectively.

The applications mentioned in this list aim to:

  • Simplify the ad order and distribution process
  • Give you extra security
  • Help you navigate and prepare your content for individual clients

With their help, you can access your assets in an intuitive way, and take advantage of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies to steer your business towards success. Every member of your team will have access to the resources they need to provide the best experience to existing customers and attract new, valuable customers too, while keeping your customer’s data secure, and their buying journey enjoyable.

These apps connect directly with your Salesforce Org, so you can analyse their success alongside your existing data and understand where opportunities for business might emerge.

Precursive PSA

Precursive is a native Salesforce application that gives you full, visual control over your business’s assets, workforce availability, and project management, improving your customers’ time-to-value. Easily allocate the resources you need for each project days, weeks, or months in advance, while tracking the effect on budgets, costs, and profits. Project Managers can handle their workload more efficiently and help drive the business towards a workflow that runs seamlessly between departments, keeps the customer up-to-date at all times, effectively adapts to change, and minimises revenue leakage.

How can Precursive PSA benefit your business?

  • Onboarding app to speed up customer acquisition
  • Fully manage resources, from capacity planning and utilisation monitoring to easy scheduling
  • Drag-and-drop resource allocator
  • Adaptable planner to adjust to availability changes
  • Gantt view, skill seeker, and workforce profiles help you assign the right person to the right job
  • Access availability and skill sets of even your remote workers at the touch of a button
  • Quickly view project budgets, costs, margin, profits, and milestones
  • Forecast revenue with analytics reporting and visualise current and predictive trends
  • Accurately track timesheets (with detailed productivity notes), billing, and expenses to reduce revenue leakage
  • Automate on-time invoicing to stay on top of cashflow
  • Mobile app for staff to use on-the-go
  • Multi-award winning services, recognised for resource management, customer service, and productivity


Pricing for Precursive PSA is tailored to different types of users and licenses, including leadership, managers, and front-line staff. Licenses start at £30 USD per user per month.

Find out more about Precursive on LinkedIn and the Precursive website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


Publishers, advertisers, and agencies can manage all complex media buying and selling transactions from their Salesforce Org using ADvendio, allowing them to reliably stay ahead of global advertising trends and maximise return on investment. Automate your advertising transactions using AI and BI algorithms, reducing the pressure on employees, resources, and time. Harness intelligent analytics devised specifically for the advertising sector to produce evermore successful marketing campaigns across all channels, including print.

How can ADvendio benefit your business?

  • Streamline all media buying and selling transactions with Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, automation, programmatic and self-service capabilities
  • Out-of-the-box functionality, native to Salesforce
  • Management of direct and programmatic advertising within your Salesforce dashboard
  • Manage all complex and high-volume transactions
  • Stay on top of marketing demands globally
  • Track KPIs in real-time to drive optimisations
  • Create and maintain your own data sources from within your Salesforce system, in conjunction with customer and finance information
  • Automatically put together deals designed specifically for their target placement and audience
  • Automated invoice-generation and accounting system integration
  • Stakeholders can self-serve advertising campaigns using the helpful planning and management tools of the ad portal


All plans for ADvendio are customisable, with features such as Connect, Finance, Self Service Portal, and Einstein Analytics. The standard package starts at $100 USD per user per month.

Find out more about ADvendio on LinkedIn and the ADvendio website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

Quark Docurated

Quark aims to cut out the 20+ hours a month that sales representatives spend looking for, editing, and putting together valuable marketing content. DocuRank AI technology guides your sales reps and their prospects through the most effective potential marketing journey, driving customers to the right product and use case for them. Other Quark clients have reported a 40% increase in seller productivity, higher win-rates, and a shorter sales cycle. Businesses that use Quark Docurated take the guesswork out of their marketing content production, and more easily connect with their target audience through personalised content experiences and buyer journeys.

How can Quark benefit your business?

  • Sales reps can find, edit, and share the right content for the right marketing campaign
  • Guided selling tools recommend content depending on specific sales scenario, taking into account the opportunity stage, industry, and persona of the prospect
  • Develop personalised content experiences, collections, and workflows that can be sent to unique audiences via links shared across any platform
  • Deliver images, videos, PDFs, Microsoft Office files, interactive documents, and more
  • Tag content with rich metadata for easy searching, and set expiry dates for content removal
  • Measure engagement and revenue generated from each piece of content with real-time Content Engagement Analytics
  • Use analytics data and machine learning recommendations to inform future choices
  • Connects to existing content repositories as well as the rest of your Salesforce system to speed up marketing decisions
  • Playbook maps out buyer’s journey, giving sellers more confidence and direction when in conversation
  • Reps can share content through any Salesforce channel


The Quark Salesforce app can be downloaded for free, but licenses must be purchased from the Quark website. All quotes are tailored to your requirements.

Find out more about Quark Docurated on LinkedIn and the Quark website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


Operative.One is the only application of its kind that simplifies the rapid innovation of digital advertising by integrating all demand and supply-side processes into your Salesforce system. Media companies can more effectively target those prospective customers that are most likely to convert, with the right content and the right product. This end-to-end solution allows media and advertising companies to manage every part of the advertising process for each of their clients from presale through to monthly billing.

How can Operative.One benefit your business?

  • Target your products to specific audiences, alongside specific marketing content
  • Combine your individual ads into useful ready-to-go packages
  • Streamline sales, ad operations, and finance into one seamless end-to-end workflow
  • Customise your sales approvals, depending on criteria chosen by you
  • Monitor the revenue brought in by each of your sales reps and teams
  • Quickly generate business proposals
  • Manage advertising budget by date, to ensure that all potential windows of opportunity are taken advantage of
  • Optimise campaigns with useful primary and third-party delivery data
  • Automatic invoice generation calculates how much each client owes every month


Contact Operative direct for quotes.

Find out more about Operative.One on LinkedIn and the Operative website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


CloudSense is a complete 360 advertising management system. For media companies building and deploying multiple campaigns across a range of sales channels, CloudSense can simplify the complexities of each platform and allow you to control them all from one dashboard. CloudSense speeds up the selling process for your sales reps, giving them the tools they need to secure transactions quickly, whether you specialise in B2B ad sales or B2C. Manage sales orders, subscriptions, cross-media bookings, and ad server integrations in one place, and bypass time-consuming admin, approvals, proposal-building, and booking processes.

How can CloudSense benefit your business?

  • End-to-end booking platform to minimise time spent on admin and maximise your sales order value
  • Universal product catalogue with inventory and pricing details
  • Manage cross-media ad sales and bookings
  • Push ad orders to ad servers from within Salesforce
  • Manage Google Ad campaigns through your Salesforce Org
  • Built-in reporting and analytics
  • Data models designed around unique types of media
  • Update advertising campaigns as they run
  • Manage all subscriptions and offer unique digital subscriber experiences to keep people on-board
  • Code-free, point-and-click user interface for building and deploying orders and campaigns
  • Connect multiple ERP systems and ad servers
  • View ad requirements for each client alongside their business information


Embedded licences for CloudSense start at $60 USD per user per month, billed annually.

Find out more about CloudSense on LinkedIn and the CloudSense website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


DocSend helps businesses get in touch with elusive email campaign analytics. The application works using a basis of links, which provide the right, most effective content to the right recipient at the right time to maximise the chances of a sale. Content packages can be tailored to suit every step of the buying journey, and their performance can be tracked and visually explored right from your Salesforce Org. With the help of DocSend, you can exponentially increase the revenue generated through email campaigns, by continually refining the materials you send to prospects and seizing highlighted opportunities.

How can DocSend benefit your business?

  • See how prospective customers interact with your emails; whether they open, click links, or forward on
  • Highlight the content that drives more sales, and distribute it at the right time
  • Analyse content performance using the link-based system to track engagement
  • View content engagement alongside customer details in your Salesforce dashboard
  • Build client portals for each step of the sales process
  • Group prospects based on their potential and the type of product they might be interested in
  • See who views a document, for how long, and where they focus, and use this information to identify who is interested


Prices for DocSend licences start at $65 USD per user per month. Quotes are put together bespoke.

Find out more about DocSend on LinkedIn and the DocSend website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

With, publishers, broadcasters, and eCommerce companies can connect together the commonly used systems that you are already familiar with, to create an end-to-end solution to selling, planning, and deploying ads. simplifies and unifies the user interfaces and designs of many different systems and applications, to provide improved ease-of-use for everyone in your business, from your sales teams to your finance department.

How can benefit your business?

  • One-click integration with Salesforce, AppNexus, YieldEx, Freewheel, DFP, Ad-Juster, and Billing Systems
  • Easy inventory forecast
  • Automatic financial reconciliation at the end of each month
  • Simplified user interface for order management and workflow
  • View reports and revenue data in real-time in a modern UI
  • Continuity and transparency for all members of every team


The application can be downloaded for free, but integration and customisation fees apply.

Find out more about on LinkedIn and the website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


Speed up your sales and marketing to small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMB) and increase your conversion rate with the deep data and AI-driven recommendations of BuzzBoard. With an unrivalled database of businesses and signals, BuzzBoard can identify three times as many SMBs as other data providers. Once these leads have been detected, BuzzBoard also gives you invaluable contextual insight into how best to market them, what products they will be interested in, and where your competitors are. With BuzzBoard, personalised selling becomes simpler, easier, and far more scalable, as holes in business data disappear, allowing you to maximise value.

How can BuzzBoard benefit your business?

  • Enrich your SMB records with accurate deep data
  • Micro-segment and score accounts based on category, competitors, touch points, purchase behaviour, and more, using deep data and machine learning
  • Import, cleanse, and normalise data through BuzzBoard, and then add directly to your Salesforce database
  • Identify SMBs from their URL, using BuzzBoard technology
  • Match customers to products using the Recommendation Engine
  • Up-sell, cross-sell, and limit attrition through high-value personalised campaigns
  • Access BuzzBoard’s database of 20+ million US and 30+ million worldwide SMBs
  • Leverage real-time data with Google plug-in, and deploy analytics such as ICP and TAM
  • Receive alerts on changes at highlighted businesses


Pricing for BuzzBoard is based on the number of leads and accounts in your Salesforce Org. Quotes start at $2,500 USD per company per year. A free 7-day trial on 250 accounts is available.

Find out more about BuzzBoard on LinkedIn and the BuzzBoard website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


Using the Salesforce Shield’s event monitoring capabilities, BetterCloud gives you an extra layer of security. The application monitors real-time events, and delivers the insights to you so you can monitor user activity, single-out suspicious activity, and enforce security protocols where necessary. BetterCloud gives business owners an unparalleled insight into the users of its system, their context, and their activity, to better safeguard your data and adhere to data protection laws. Set privileges for different users, based on their department and level, and trigger automatic account freezes when suspicious activity is detected. By protecting your customer information from fraudulent activity and improper access, you offer them an enhanced level of customer service and trust.

How can BetterCloud benefit your business?

  • Customise security alerts based on user behaviour
  • Take security action across G Suite, Salesforce, Slack, and ServiceNow
  • Set up role-based privileges and contextual user login
  • Prevent employees accessing sensitive data and reports they shouldn’t be privy to
  • Prevent impersonated logins
  • Remove need for manual admin tasks
  • Design automated workflows for every security policy with granular alerts using multiple conditions and time windows
  • Automated user off boarding
  • Automatically freeze user accounts, remove permission sets, and eventually remove licence and deactivate user, when certain security threats have been flagged


Pricing for BetterCloud starts at $8 USD per user per month, with volume discounts available.

Find out more about BetterCloud on LinkedIn and the BetterCloud website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.


5fifteen, the company behind Ad DEPOT, has over 20 years’ experience in ad publishing. With the help of this application, you can ensure that your specialist teams focus on what they’re good at - your sales team can get back to selling, without getting tied down with admin. All your sales and business information are visible in one place, so profits, opportunities, and orders can be viewed alongside one another. Track all projects side-by-side, with next tasks highlighted to help teams prioritise and keep business opportunities moving forward.

How can Ad DEPOT benefit your business?

  • Keep order information stored alongside client records and highlighted opportunities
  • Automate quotes for business clients
  • Get manager approvals quickly with a system that uses existing Salesforce workflows
  • Manage both digital and print ad bookings
  • Define ad media types, locations, and frequencies for each client
  • Set up tasks to drive orders to completion, i.e. calls and outstanding approvals


Pricing for Ad DEPOT starts at $40 USD per user per month, with volume discounts available. Start with a free 45-day trial.

Find out more about Ad DEPOT on LinkedIn and the Ingenta website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

MeghaServe ACM

Manage all your ad campaigns for every client from the MeghaServe ACM dashboard to keep on top of client value, client information, payments, and ad effectiveness. By importing your ad campaign data to the MeghaServe ACM, you can improve ad effectiveness, client personalisation, and therefore the service you offer to your clients. Focus in on those valuable clients, nurture your relationship, and step-up your advertising success rates to keep them on board.

How can MeghaServe ACM benefit your business?

  • Manage the operational information of each ad campaign from your Salesforce Org
  • Filter clients and campaigns by key category data, i.e. geographical location and ad channels
  • Build a picture of each brand’s overall spending
  • Analyse patterns of effectiveness in ad campaigns to improve future marketing decisions
  • Manage all ad contracts, invoices, and payments in one place
  • Import reports to streamline search and analysis
  • Monitor ad completion stages, deviations from budgets, and which clients are providing you with the most value


Bespoke prices are available on request.

Find out more about MeghaServe ACM on LinkedIn and the MeghaServe website. You can download the app on the AppExchange.

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With our knowledge of the Salesforce CRM and its potential to help simplify the day-to-day management of media for businesses and advertising companies, we can help you implement any of the apps mentioned above with your Salesforce Org and make sure it delivers everything you hoped for.

Alternatively, if you have an idea for an app that hasn’t yet been developed, or are in the process of developing an ISV app, we can help with this too. Contact MagicFuse today.