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Salesforce Service Cloud

MagicFuse’s Salesforce Service Cloud Services helps to improve customer experience by providing a centralised platform with easy access that enhances the self-service capability of your clients. Customers can locate the information they require more quickly and still contact customer support agents if they need help. We provide advanced automation and reporting capabilities to streamline processes and monitor results with Service Cloud.

Why do you need Service Cloud

Service Cloud is Salesforce's customer service platform, helping organisations better serve their consumers. It allows users to engage with your company through various web, phone, social media and email channels. Our experts can help you manage unstructured data such as customer conversations and allows you to segment your client’s base, create custom dashboards for teams, analyse their sentiment and much more. Deliver the best possible user experience while quickly and efficiently managing large volumes of interactions!

Benefits from SalesforceService Cloud

Agent workspace

Our Salesforce experts tailor to each agent’s preferences and give them access to customer information, support case histories and easy-to-use knowledge base content allowing address issues quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the intuitive user interface makes it simple for agents to transition from one task, such as troubleshooting, to the next task, like upselling. Companies have an all-around excellent customer experience without investing in additional staff or resources.

Knowledge management

We assist companies in quickly capturing, storing, accessing, and updating customer information in real-time, so their reps have the information they need to deliver excellent service. Salesforce Services cloud provides up-to-date resources across multiple languages, improved search accuracy, automated categorisation capabilities, web form creativity features and much more. This directly contributes to giving the best customer service experience possible on a reliable cloud platform.

Service process automation

The Salesforce Service Cloud provides powerful automation capabilities and streamlines service processes. MagicFuse experts allow agents to enhance the customer experience by offering a unified resolution process, cutting down on manual tasks, quickly addressing incidents, and efficiently responding to customer requests. Not only does it save time for agents and customers, but it also increases agent productivity.

Omnichannel routing

The Salesforce Service Cloud provides omnichannel routing, ensuring customers can easily communicate with companies across multiple channels, including voice calls, emails, and social media. We can improve engagement by providing customers with personalised interactions across various communication channels. Effective routing techniques ensure that cases are quickly routed to experienced and available agents for fast resolutions - increasing customer satisfaction.

Service analytics

By leveraging data from various sources, such as internal sales teams and customers' past interactions, the platform gives business leaders valuable insights into the effectiveness of their customer service strategies and processes. Our Salesforce engineers can significantly improve customer outreach efforts, enhance customer experiences, and optimise business operations. Investing allows businesses to gain real-time visibility into performance metrics, giving them higher productivity levels and offering superior client support.

Computer telephony integration (CTI)

Salesforce Service Cloud offers a powerful computer telephony integration (CTI) solution that can make customer service operations more efficient and productive. Our specialists make it easier for customer service agents to access pertinent data while talking with customers, so agents are better equipped when addressing customer needs. Salesforce Service Cloud integration allows customer service teams to route calls more effectively and quickly, reducing wait times with automated interactive voice response systems.

When should your businessinvest in Service Cloud?

Investing in Service Cloud technologies is an excellent choice for businesses looking to boost customer service through digital means. Service Cloud technology facilitates faster response times and provides customers with various ways to access help. MagicFuse help companies to provide personalised customer support with detailed information on each customer, equipping agents with the correct information at their fingertips. Keep your customers satisfied and engaged with helpful support on any platform!

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Salesforce ServiceCloud features


Case Management

With this software, teams can assign cases to their appropriate agents based on custom filters (e.g. skillset, phone number, or language). Cases can also be routed via a specific order or in real-time based on factors like business urgency or the current availability of staff. Moreover, a multi-layer reporting system allows businesses to get complete visibility into incoming cases and shift resources as needed for better efficiency.

CTI Integration

Salesforce Service Cloud features CTI integration, a valuable tool that allows customers to track incoming calls. It integrates phone systems into their records, making it easier to respond quickly and effectively to customer inquiries. CTI integration is important for improving customer satisfaction as it improves speed, accuracy, and responsiveness with call management capabilities that keep operations running smoothly.

Contracts and Entitlements

With Salesforce Service Cloud's Contracts and Entitlement features, companies of all sizes can reap the benefits of properly managing and storing critical customer documents. Having access to extensive customer contracts records helps ensure the services are rendered on time, while entitlements help track services associated with contracts. Powering your team with Service Cloud Salesforce certification whenever a customer requests service or needs assistance provides better visibilit

Solution Management

Solution Management provides organised solutions that let customers quickly access knowledge related to their problems. As Salesforce Service Cloud's Solution Management feature works in real-time, it provides up-to-date solutions and encourages collaboration between businesses and customers. Companies can further aid customer service with this feature through enhanced search capabilities to find resolutions faster and automated workflows to act on new customer requests quickly.

Service Cloud Console

With expanded multitasking capabilities, agents can quickly access a customer's contact record, view all previous interactions, and update existing cases from one unified console. It reduces time spent tracking down customer data since it is automatically fetched as soon as the customer’s contact record is opened. Moreover, the console's advanced search feature ensures that customers' inquiries are directed to the right team or lead, saving time and effort for everyone involved.

Social Service

Social Service overview to seamlessly manage customer service inquiries from different social networks in one place. It fully integrates with popular social channels such as Twitter and Facebook, giving your team more powerful performance and campaign success analytics, arming you with real-time customer data and making customer relationships easier to track and manage on different platforms.

Communities for Service

Benefiting from the latest technology advancements, this feature allows companies to provide personalised experiences tailored to each customer's needs. With communities for service, customers can ask questions and receive help quickly with the ability to create topics and collaborate with other customers by sharing ideas and getting their opinions. Additionally, it automates workflows and simplifies case management capabilities.

Asset and Knowledge Management

Asset Management allows customers to quickly upload and store files, images, videos and other digital information on the Service Cloud platform. Meanwhile, Knowledge Management enables organisations to create a central knowledge base, best practices and stored files within the Service Cloud UI. Consequently, customers benefit from faster response times, higher satisfaction ratings and loyalty – resulting in improved business performance.

Partner Service Collaboration

Partner Service Collaboration allows companies to collaborate and communicate with their partner's customer service teams in a unified workspace. It additionally provides visibility into resolutions accepted by customers when working concurrently between multiple parties, giving teams more insight into efficient service strategies. Overall, Partner Service Collaboration deliver superior support experiences through streamlined collaboration efforts.


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Why MagicFuse

We mainly work with Salesforce ISV products, consulting companies, and diverse organizations and startups that integrate with Salesforce. Among our 100+ projects in 6+ years on the market, you will find Elements.Cloud, Atamis, WiserSpread, Movinga, Limio, and others. We develop Salesforce products and build integrations according to Salesforce best practices in banking and insurance, travel and hospitality, real estate, and healthcare industries.

By maintaining an everyday practice with solid theoretical knowledge, our Salesforce team consists of 35+ certified, highly-skilled experts in different roles like App Builders, Platform Developers I & II, Salesforce Admins, and Salesforce QA Engineers.



We know Salesforce works under the hood under our experience


We provide full-cycle Salesforce solution architecture


We refined focus only on the technical side of Salesforce

MagicFuse was created as a new brand, fully dedicated to our expertise in Salesforce product development & tech consulting.

More about us
All Certified

By maintaining an everyday practice with solid theoretical knowledge, our engineers passed Salesforce Certification tests and received proper credentials. We develop Salesforce products and build integrations according to Salesforce best practices. In our team, we have:

Certified Salesforce Platform Developers
Certified Salesforce Architects
Certified Salesforce Admins
Certified Salesforce App Builders
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What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud is a powerful customer service offering designed to help businesses provide exceptional customer experiences. Service Cloud enables constant connection, allowing agents to respond more quickly to inquiries and proactively solve issues. Additionally, the platform can manage complex customer interactions, including multi-threaded conversations, delighting customers with smooth and delightful experiences while boosting agent efficiency.

What is the difference between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?

The main difference between these two clouds is that Sales Cloud focuses on sales and lead acquisition activities, whereas Service Cloud is designed for customer service and engagement tasks. Sales Cloud offers tools such as native mobile apps, automated marketing campaigns, contact management, forecasting capabilities and more. On the other hand, Service Cloud provides features like live chat support with AI integration, personalised social media outreach efforts, advanced omnichannel customer tracking and multi-brand experiences.

Why do I need a Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud enables personalised customer experiences by connecting all departments, teams and customers on one platform. It simplifies operations with Salesforce automation and optimises communication channels such as call centres, chat programs and email. Companies can gather customer insights and turn them into data-driven decisions, helping businesses stay ahead of customer needs. It also helps reduce operational costs associated with organising various customer service programs into one effective management system.

What are the different types of Clouds in Salesforce?

Different types of Salesforce Clouds are designed to meet different user needs.

- Salesforce Sales Cloud helps organisations transform their sales processes digitally, enabling them to track customer interactions, create reports and dashboards, generate leads, and close deals faster.

- Salesforce Service Cloud is another popular cloud solution which helps organisations quickly respond to customer service inquiries, agent collaboration and customer self-service support.

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